Legit check on Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull

Joined Jun 4, 2013
Unless it's a 20 y.o OG (impossible for a raging bull) and unless the guy walked in pee, it is IMPOSSiBLE to have such a yellow sole!
So 100% fake!
Joined Dec 3, 2007
tongue looks all kinds of messed up, and i've beaten down mine hard (hell, my suede is fading) and yet mine are nowhere near that yellow.

i say nay.
Joined Mar 25, 2013
 yea these are pretty bad all around but pic 2 says it all for me.. 1000% fake. Jumpman logo should not be centered on the L sole of ANY   legit 5's.
Joined May 21, 2013
Just look at the 4th pic, the cut of the shoe and quality looks horrible!
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