Legit check on metallic 5s. (Retro 5s)

Joined Jul 2, 2013
These are some retro metallic 5s, my friends say they are legit, but i just need some extra belief lol. Ordered a black suede dye from angelus to fix the fading on the shoe. Please tell me if they real or not and why they are real or why they are fake. thank you. 
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Joined May 13, 2013
Legit fam
- Production dates match up to 2011 releases
- Red jumpman on the outsole
- Correct ridges on tongue
- Correct clear netting
- Correct color air unit
- 23 on heel looks good
- Stitching is precise around eyelits and shoe
- Black outling overlapping on tongue & 3m is on point
- Correct white jumpman on heels
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