Legit Check on OG XI's

Jan 22, 2008
I asked for a P/C on these a while back.. But I need another one.

OG XI's worn one time... Couple of the pics are older but thet are the only ones I have. Shoes still have not been touched since I purchased them.. Thanksin advance.
i'd say 325 that price is without the og box if you have an og box add 25-30 dollars to the price
100% legit and very crisp, 300 is a reasonable price, add more if box and paper are included.
legit and
Price $300+
These are OG's so they dont have the Retro card. I really appreciate the feed back. I dont have the OG box so I think 300 is pretty reasonable, I justwanted some other input just to be sure..
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