Legit Check Please - Jordan 11 Concord 2011

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I just bought a pair of 2011 Concords size 10.5 online, and would like some help determining its authenticity. There are no stamps inside of the box. The insoles were glued down and when removed a very faint stamp was found (left shoe).

 Things with the shoe that are worrying me are:

1) Stitching work of the jumpman

2) Cut of the patent leather

3) Tag on the inside of the tongue

4) End production date on the tag

Please leave your feedback and opinion. Thank you.  
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Those look awesome. The only concern I share with you is the end production date...maybe a lil sketchy but if those are "grey market pairs" they're the best I've seen. Everything looks on point to me.
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they are made in nike factories without the consent of nike or jordan brand. the site you bought it from probably bought it from a site like taobao where most of the unauthorized pairs are sold. they are sold for cheap. the thing is it's a wild card when you purchase the shoes because there is no quality control on the pairs that are being made, but the shoes look real good as far as i can tell. the soles are too icy which speculate that they might be grey market pairs/unauthorized

Mr Dink

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Basically those Concords were made after 12/23/2011
I'm comparing the boxtag of mine to the ones posted up there, but either I'm going crazy or the box tag should be more centered.
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Oh alright thanks for the explanation appreciated. Just another a note, I didn't buy them off like a reseller site. I bought them off a classified ads site similar to Craigslist. Also, are they still considered to be legit? I don't too much time left if I'm going to try and argue and get my money back lol.
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Taobao purchase imo. It's getting harder and harder to legit check XI's nowadays
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Here's my advice. It's real simple and some people might not agree but no yellowing = no purchase.

They don't have to be totally yellowed, just a little ring around the traction pod
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If a shoe was produced in 2011, then there should be oxidation in the soles. No yellowing means it was recently produced.
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View media item 1680180 here is my DS pair stored in a cool dark basement with Silcia packets. Get ur money back man. That unauthorized stuff is pure propaganda. The fakes have just gotten to be better quality that's all.
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