Legit Check Space Jam XI 2009

Joined Mar 21, 2005
There are plenty things wrong with those shoes.

To begin with the overall craftsmanship of the shoes is VERY poor. Looks like an inexperienced designer. Shoe doesn't fit the anatomy of the foot esp in the ankle area.

The top collar of the shoe is far too wide and box cut.

The patent has a white trim to it like OG's would have.

The 2-3 spacing on the heel is absent as well as the numbers being too wide.

The padding in the ankle area is far too thick and "squishy" looking. The '09 is firm, narrow, and the design is well formed while this part is sloppy.

There is no blue coloring in the carbon fiber of an authentic pair.

I can see many other flaws but don't really know how to explain them.

It's always a good idea to compare the pics/shoes you have to someone else's for further confirmation and also pick up hints as to how to spot a fake for yourself.

Hope this helps.
Joined Feb 10, 2007
These Are Horribly FAKE
Shape is Way off, Patent Cut is All Wrong, Tag is Wrong, Shade of Blue on the Bottom is too Dark, Matrails are cheap. I Could go on
I really hope you didn't pay much for these.
Joined Sep 26, 2009
Agree shoes are Not 2009 retros
Color is Off
shape is wrong
2 and 3 spacing is off
2and 3 appear to be really wide
Joined Oct 13, 2008
thanks fam for the legit check, he just sent me more pictures and I could obviously tell they are fake from the black and blue carbon fiber. Thanks NT!

edit: i was about to jump the gun and buy these but I needed a legit check first, you can never really trust ebay with shoes these days
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