Legit / Price Check: HIGH-END DESIGNER ITEMS (Sneakers, Bags, Hats, Accessories, etc.)

Sep 2, 2009
What up NT!

Due to the increasing number of our members venturing into high-end designer sneakers, bags, hats, accessories, etc. and more of them being sold through eBay, FB groups, etc. I decided to start a thread for legit / price checks for high-end designer items. I checked all of NT and I havent seen a similar thread yet except for those threads that only served the OP. I thought also that this will prevent clutters from the 2 high-end threads on the Sneaker Showcase Forum.

Mods if this is unnecessary kindly delete it.

Hoping that this will somehow organize posts related to high-end designer items and take advantage of our fellow NTers expertise in high-end items.

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