Leroy Smith= Charlie Murphy

Joined Oct 10, 2007
word man...is it just me or the video game is unbeatable... damn Leroy is playn like chris mullin back in nba jam
Joined Sep 17, 2008
, that !%+% was mad funny. If someone could make a GIF for me with Leroyand the flamethrower it would be greatly appreciated.
Joined Jul 31, 2005
I took a look at the website the other day, and the video game had me dying


"In tenth grade, I beat out MJ for the last spot on our varsity basketball team, igniting a fire that inspired him to greatness. Since then I have motivized countless people with my inspirational DVD series and workshops. Now, with the launch of my revolutionary website, I'm finally able to motivate the world, including Canada."

- Leroy Smith
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