lets be heard!!!! nike, we need a teir 0 account!!!

Oct 5, 2005
We need start a movement for the midwestern states I feel that we cop as much heat as anywhere else, WE NEED A FEW TIER 0 ACCOUNTS!!!!! I mean how come we don't atlease have a chicago store with one lets email nike and be heard!!!&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Because its time we get that extra exclusive heat too with out paying an arm and a leg!!!!
I feel ya my brother.
Nike says that they are "not expanding or opening new Tier Zero accounts as of now".
This was said like a month ago.
If enough people ask though, it WILL happen.

The shop would need to be able to order Tier Zero style though and that takes major capital. Someone of even the slightest celebrity status would have to back it financially and for marketing of the shop.

Let me know where to sign up!
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It would be nice, but it ain't happenin' fellas.

I could see it in the Chi, but Cleveland, Cincinatti, Detroit, St. Louis, et. al. is out of luck.

Cleveland has enough problems getting L'styles to their FootAction :lol:
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^^^ I beg to differ son, yea the bay is prolly the most hyped region, but after what I have encountered through doing my event, going to flipjays events, sho _tym putting together the wisconsin summit,krabbys sole collector winnings, not to mention numerous heads I've met....the midwest can hang with any coast any time any where....and that's real!!!!!!!
FOOT FETISH CEO i agree %1million percent. the events ive seen as far as the chi we kicking @#%$ in the shoe game and can hang with any state or coast. its just all our sneaker heads are not into the niketalk thing or iss. the comps are ridicolous on the shoe side and individual comps. One pair that sticks out is a pair of og kenya tailwinds at a self conscious event. the windy city has earned its right to own a tier zero account. Even the stores we have in chicago are nationally recognized such as st alfreds, leaders, and PHLI. FOOT FETISH CEO U NEED HELP LET ME KNOW WHAT I CAN DO.
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Mid-West stand up, i agree with Mr. Ceo, thanks for the shout out, from what i ve heard Alfreds/Kicks is gettin there, but who knows.......good post, keep hope alive....lol...
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Check it out though. We need a shop with a concept to blow peoples minds. I mean if Bodega STILL doesn't have a tier O what does that say?? Barney's NY no way ya'll. That store should be pulled. Cuz thats the furthest thing from being street. Its all about the dollas ya'll. Also, if we in the midwest want that Tier 0 we better shop like we want it. I mean even the release of the OTO hybrids werent that hyped here. St Al's had the window promo and everything but a month later I could still walk in a cop a few sizes and styles. We gotta clean em out cold, That'll show Nike that the midwest can handle one more than just postin on NT.
^^ ok what about fire reds sold oyt in 24 hours

Invisble womens damn near caused a riot at niketown!!!!!!

Every(and I mean every!!!) hyped sb release sold out in a day!!!!!

Come on!! We spending mad money and I'm sure every teir 0 release doesnt sellout every time so its got to be more to it than that hell, huf still had golddiggers long after they sold out here!!!!
stole the words right outta my mouth i searched the whole city for fire reds literally none left... sbs if u dont know somebody you are virtually screwed for a hyped release. invisibles i was in that fight, but worth it. st alfreds has the best chances for a tier zero because of their variety and consistency. but that guy is right about bodega that store blew me when i saw the concept and they dont have a tier zero account whats good with that. nikes playing what we need to do is figure out how we can get nike to do the damn thang and give us a tier zero account, maybe pick the stores or store as a collective and work from there.
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^^&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp yea fam fire reds was nuts and that was a gr!!!!!! I got lucky (good looking out vell!!!!) so in the city that jordan made nike billions!!! We deserve the honor of having a teir 0 account!!!!!!!
Fine... we need a Tier 0 Account in the Chi at least.
"Anything that is worth doing is worth doing right."
"I've been known to do the impossible like Broadway Joe" - Phife Dawg, A Tribe Called Quest
I agree, I am in detroit and I agree!!!! The only thing that is a problem is the density of people who are into this culture. West coast has that on lock, and NY (really only manhattan) has it on lock as well. Cali = 36 million people, if .1% are into kicks thats 36,000 people waiting for {insert hyped kick here}, they are going to sell out.

New york= is what? 8 million people in 20 square miles (I might be a bit over on the size of the island) thats just a dense (and stylish) population. You wont drive to poodunk, alabama and find 10% of the stuff we are looking for. its the same thought process.

We need to get these canada/ohio/indiana/Michigan/Minn cats to all start flooding the chi to make sure they see the buying power of the city, but like most of us Mid-Westers we all have hook ups on kicks be it sb's, jordans, L'style, QS etc...so why would we leave or be un faithful? We need to figuer it out, cuz I would have loved to get some huf quakes, destroyers, home growns....we need to start this now!!!!!!!!
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^^^ or some clots, or some undefeated af1's cause I have no problem with things being limited, just give us a fair chance to get them if I camp out and I missed them that's fine!!! As long as I had the chance and I know my city gets them!!!
Yo it was like that for the fire reds in the chi?? thats nuts we can still get them up here. I wonder who the people are who are in chrage of giving out the accounts. I also wonder if they're heads themselves cuz it sorta seems a bit mismanaged huh?? Damn, if I was in that position I tell ya. I'd be doin this @#%$ right! haha
^^ I don't know what's the problem son!!!&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Because the nike reps here that I know have got to know we get it in!!! From the nike x st alfreds kobe charity auction, to there woven world cup event, to everything nike town puts on, and we all know phli is apart of everything that nike does from the black history releases to hosting nike town and the chamber of fear parties I think our chicago reps should be in there bosses ears telling them hey chicago is ready for this!!!&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp How come nike hasn't given phli a special shoe(outside of a friends and family release)?
St.Louis here, WE`VE GOT NOTHING, except R-Sole that ACTS like they are a teir 0 account.

We have a nice amount of L`Style stores seeing as stl isnt that big. I can still get olives, black/university blue, and 3m v`s, and MY size in grapes at one spot.
^^damn its still grapes where you are? Let me know what sizes I could use some more!!!!! Ill drive up to st louis cop kicks go party and come back to the chi!!!
If we included canada in this discussion...technically we do have a tier 0 account. I'm pretty sure that Gdft has a tier 0

Anyways, I agree that atleast St. Alfred's needs to get a tier 0, but these things take time. I'd rather see the sneaker scene slowly progress in the area, than a boom and bust type situation.
I couldve have sworn that St. Alfreds had a tier zero account. I purchased the limited one of eight chitown kobe's there.
I don't think were going to ever see a Tier 0 account in Chicago let alone Detroit. In fact Detroit would probably be one of the last large US cities to get one.

So far all the stores that have Tier 0 are in cities with a HUGE international presence. Im not talking about having a diverse range of ethnicities, Im talking these cities have huge amounts of International tourists and are generally considdred the "worlds big cities" and not the US's big cities.

LA, NYC, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Tokyo. These cities are on a completely different level than Detroit, St Louis, and even Chicago. I would expect one in Miami waaaaaay before Chicago.
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LOOK LETS STOP ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER AND MAKE MOVES. find out what steps it takes to get where we wanna be as far as how do we get tier zeros in the chi. lets make a committee or something and pull this thing together, everybody wants st. alfreds to be a tier zero so lets not put together a game plan and see what happens. im pretty sure crabby will help with the idea and push for his own store to become a tier zero
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It aint gonna happen......

Snyx has more pull than any store in the midwest when it comes to Nike. John Parks.
Wouldn't hurt to put together a petition for a Tier 0 account in a specified area and get all your customers to sign it for a request to have it, but competition of shops might get in the way cause all the shops would like to have it. But if it could be pulled together with all the shops, Nike would listen and at the very least get the bug in their ear for future openings. Again though, it's gonna take a lot of money.
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. -Dr. Seuss​
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