Limit bandwidth on router?

Joined Jan 20, 2002
Is it possible to limit the bandwidth on certain computers? I got roommates that all they do is download music, movies, and have tons of download queued up. I know that there is this QoS on my router setup, but is there a way of limiting their speed.
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The amount of speed you get in from your internet provider. Or if (in your case) the school has N speed and you have a G computer. Then that will also have a difference. It feels like im missing something else
Joined Jan 17, 2009
just put a mac filter on ur router and add all ur electronics mac address to ur router so u can use it. and when your roomate try to use it just front on them like u dont know whats going on.
Joined May 25, 2001
IP Cop does that. It's called Traffic Shaping. You need another computer with a NIC card (get a cheapy old one off CL and use it just for this purpose).

Post what type of router you have and I'll see if I can help you find a manual on how to do it.
Joined Jan 20, 2002
^ i got a linksys wrt54gl
i know there is QoS under applications/gaming section where you set device priority, but i want to actually set the speed if that is possible
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