Liquidation sales,give me some info

Joined Mar 5, 2009
So the liquidation sale is gonna hit town.Subwoofers,cameras,jeans, the works.Anyone ever been to any one of these sales?Gotta pay like 20 bucks to get in.Is it worth it?
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Those are not true liquidation sales....true liquidation sales are businesses that hold them privately and just want to dump product before they have to close the doors....most liquidation sales are now done by private companies (like what happened to circuit city) where the prices are higher than they would be prior to "the liquidation".....

rule of thumb, if they make you pay to get in, its not a good might find some good deals somewhere, but the prices wont be that are better off just searching the internet.....
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Eh, these things are a crapshoot, unless you know the specific liquidator, who knows.

My boy was making $3,200 a week driving homeless people around to hold signs for these things last year, bed bath n beyond, circuit city, and some other spots.

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Homie of mine went to look for some speakers but was disappointed to find nothing but he snuck in so he didn't have to pay the door fee
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I went to one of those to get a camera, it broke a few months after and I ended up having to buy a new one.
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Liquidation sales are smoke and mirrors. Most businesses will bring in a third party to run their sales, and these third parties will mark up the prices(often times as much as 300%) and then dlegate sales prices form there. So when you see things like "EVERYTHING MUST GO!!! 70-90% OFF ALL MERCHANDISE!!!" keep in mind those percentage slashes are off the inflated price they set in the beginning so you're more than likely getting something for not much lower than the original price before liquidation... sometimes even more than original price.
Joined Oct 16, 2007
The one I went to was straight garbage.
Had the oversized shirts and polos with whack jeans.
Had a cologne stand with stuff you could buy at the mall for the same price
Paid $7 a piece for tickets and left within 30 minutes.
Fake old jewelery and shoes that come from Payless's backyard.

They advertised cheap laptops and computers, looked at them they were like 256 MB of Ram and 1 GB of storage like ?!?!!??!?!!?!!?!?!?
Also with the 50-90% off going all around, only the whack stuff was on sale. GPS like Garmin and stuff were full price like you were at Best Buy.
Yeah I'm mad.
Joined Mar 23, 2002
Those sales that they hold in convention centers that you pay to get into are glorified swap meets...
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