List 2 things NT has taught you to do and not to do

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The General forum is populated with tons of threads. Varying from different subjects.

List out 2 things that from reading on NT you have learn to do and 2 things you should not do
(only list out things that are realistic or are real-life applications)

ex. "Do not talk about NT outside of NT", does not count

obviously you're welcome to list more, if you please
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If you make a thread that fails, redeem yourself by making funny gifs or turn that failed thread into "What's the greatest story on NT" and 90%of them will say The Harlem Shake story which is still overrated .
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Not to do:

Ship first
Believe anything without visual evidence

To do:

Stay sharp [didn't really teach me, but you know.]
Blow smoke with Smarties [I'll probably never do it tho.]
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Shouldn't move in with your girl unless your sure you will marry her.

You never know who lurks the internet so watch what you post.

Many more things that I do on the regular without realizing I learned it through NT.
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to do.

1. Sell kicks, never knew there was an underground shoe market.
2. Spot bootlegs, i used to go by the colorway...[ smmfh!] which is why stuck to certain stores.

not to do

1. make a thread....[ too much negativity, IMO]
2. not to worry if i miss a release date..[ few more bucks, but still]
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never put your business out on the interwebz cuz NTers will / your marriage, life, career.


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Dont post pics of your biggest crushes or hottest cousins because tbey will find them and ruin your life and mark you as "that stalker kid"throughout your highschool years
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Originally Posted by Tetsujin23

never put your business out on the interwebz cuz NTers will / your marriage, life, career.

word to mrscampbell


never steal "exclusive membership" type of sigs (ie Goonies, Firing Squad). Had to learn the hard way last summer.


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What To Do:

1. Look out for fakes.
2. Appreciate Megan Fox.

What Not To Do:

1. Make a girl oriented thread without pics.
2. Be late.
Joined Sep 23, 2005
not to do:
- get caught slipping, under any circumstances
- post without pics

what to do:
- be suspicious of everything and everyone
- whip it out (higher success rate when everyone is drunk
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