List 3 things youve done, 3 things you want to do before you die VOL Bucket List

Joined Oct 5, 2007
Im sure all of us have at one point or another made our own bucket list. (A list of things we want to do before we die) So heres the game, list 3 things youvecompleted on your bucket list and then list 3 things that you still want to do. It would be interesting to see what NTers have done.

3 Things Ive done

1. Eat Sushi in Tokyo
2. Surf a wave at North Shore
3. Smoke a
on top of Whistler mountain and ride all the way downblazed.

3 Things I want to do

1. Drink a glass of wine on the Champ Elysees
2. Stand in the Roman Coliseum and yell "Are you not entertained?!" at the top of my lungs
3. Sit courtside at a Laker Game


Joined Apr 7, 2009
- I don't have a bucket list.

- I'd like to:

1. Have a threesome.
2. Go back to Venezuela.
3. Go to space.
Joined Jun 21, 2007
3 Things I've Done
1) Been to Yankee Stadium (old stadium)/ NYC

2) Seen the Rolling Stones play live

3) Went to Puerto Rico and saw where my grandma grew up

3 Things I Want to Do
1) See a champions league game at Old Trafford

2) Watch Aoki fight in Japan

3) See the Yankees win a world series in person
Joined Jul 12, 2007
3 things i've done
1) Ran up the Great Wall of China
2) Rock Bottomed somebody
3) ... Can't think of anything

3 things i've yet to do
1) Drop Kick somebody
2) Record an album
3) Kill a Mountain Lion with a machete


formerly im that one
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Originally Posted by ItsGettinHot

1) Ran up the Great Wall of China- and got hella tired while being chased by man eating bugs
2) Rock Bottomed somebody - wasnt i there for that
things ive done:
1. had a son
2. wrestled in a US olympic qualifying tournament
3. made a movie

things i wanna do:
1. go to italy for a month
2. become SWAT
3. be in an mma fight, jiu jitsu tourny, wrestling tourny, a boxing match, and a muay thai fight all in one month.
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I'd like to:
Get a 1967 Mustang, Paint it navy blue, restore worn down parts (make it like new)
Live in a house/apartment interior styled house
Have 2-3 boys
Joined Dec 16, 2008
3 things ive done
1. Went to Machu Pichu in Peru
2. I had two girls that were homegirls as my Friends with Benefits! (never had them together tho)
3. Had a suga momma take me to another country jus to eat and buy me kicks

3 things i wanna do
1. Go to the World CUP
2. I wanna do a Euro Trip
3. One day stop being a PLAYAH! and have some kids get married
Joined Mar 6, 2005
3 things i've done

Graduated High School
Got married and Have ason
Went to another country

3 things i want to do

have a threesome
get a well paying job, rich enough to buy what ever i want
get divorced
Joined May 22, 2005
3 Things I've Done:

- Sang solo in a packed acoustically-perfect concert hall
- Attended a World Cup game (Portugal vs. Netherlands 06)
- Learned capoeira and surfed in Brazil

3 Things I Want to Do:

- Run with the bulls in Pamplona
- See Tiger play in person
- Visit Australia
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