List of SKATESHOPS in the ATL???

Oct 9, 2006
^List skateshops in you know that carry SB's.

Ambush (thats the only I know/go to)

>cause we fresh off the boat<
DS Jordan VI white/midnight blue
NDS Jordan VIII white/black/red

hahahahahahhahahahhah....yea right! are you kidding me? think ppl on here are just gonna give up information like that so newbies like you can rush to the spots and buy all our product..u got some nerve...find out the way everyone else did ...on your own

Wait up son, why do ignorant people like u even post if you not gonna give info out. It seems like u have no idea or respect with your fellow peers. Your prolbably one of those 14 yr old little kids who has to beg their little mommys to buy them a pair of shoes. You have no clue or respect in calling people NEWBS just because they made a new sn or have a low post count. Your the one who's the NEWBIE!!!! I would use my old sn I made 3yrs ago, shoot I'll even use my old sn when I 1st got here way before that...It's IGNORANT people like you that makes niketalk go down hill these days.

I'm out, some people got lives/work, unlike IGNORANT fools like you!

Thanks for all the info guys. I don't usually buy sbs and have been thinking about getting back into skateboarding. Make sure to check out Woodward (Discover Mills) and Progressive skatepark in Canton.

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