Listening to music on cloud 9 appreciation Vol. Lets Get Lifted

Joined Nov 21, 2006
When you chillin surfing nt or w/e...your zooted listening to some music..and during that period of time its perfect when you put your itunes on shuffle and all the right songs are coming on..its like my high is enhanced

can anybody else feel me
Joined Sep 16, 2003
Of course. Max B and MF Doom sound that much better when your on cloud 9. Don't let some old school funk or soul come on im singing at that point.
Joined May 9, 2009
Inb4theLock but...

Michael Jackson

If you watch Beat It
that video is like an epic movie...and the music makes me get up and do the dance lol

ham city

Joined Oct 18, 2009
I hate to say it but I almost can't take someones opinion on music seriously if they don't smoke weed. It's like trying to explain the world to a child, there's so much they aren't aware of yet.
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