((*****LIVESTOCK Fitteds*****))

Feb 26, 2007
Alotta cats been asking lately when we'd get our fitted game on...well the time has come and our lids are droppin tomorrow (Saturday July 21st) so head on down to 116 Spadina treat ya dome piece!


lil bonus footage for y'all courtesy of the LS crew wit da #1 Soul Brotha, Pete Rock who'll be burnin' down The Fever tonight at State Theatre!


2000 Til...
June 15th
State Theatre
hmm not bad, lil too plain IMO tho...
A.J. Burnett--Roy Halladay--Troy Glaus--Aaron Hill--Lyle Overbay--Alex Rios--Vernon Wells--Frank Thomas​
Yoooo hek, what's good man? I dropped by livestock today but it was closed, lol.. it's Laurence, btw
^all good fam we close at 8 e'ryday...

as for hat designs...dont worry y'all we got nuff heat in the works!
2000 Til...
June 15th
State Theatre
yeah how much are the fitteds, I like the Blue/White
That's my word

-=Team RealTalk=-
Feeling the black/black ones. I'm curious to what the price is as well...
Our sales tax will kill you. At least we have free health care!
So wack. With Goodfoot down the street, absolutely killin' it in terms of fitteds, you'd think LS would come with some heat..
...I'm waiting for the Livestock throw up to be ona fitted... not feeling these at all.
formerly shoeWUfreak
not feelin the logo...the logo on the card would have been ill.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
thx Jolly...just came from a Sneaker Freaker X Size? launch pary for issue 10 out here in London, England and got nuff love for the grape fitted I was rockin wit my grape LS Monster tee!

nuff cats out here already recognize the T-Dot sneaker game!!! but I gotta say there seems to be alot more female heads out here in the UK =(
2000 Til...
June 15th
State Theatre
cop me the black and grey fitted on my visit to toronto :pimp:
ill fitted.... too bad you had no sizes for the purple pumas....i was about to cop :\
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