Living in Culver City, good spots nearby?

go to the slauson swapmeet or fox hills mall. go to melrose in hollywood..
well... if your into shoes tho. la is a great place.
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La Dijonaise.......French spot in CC that's owned by my friend's sis. they have good grub at reasonable prices it's not all snooty like how most joints w/French cuisine are. just a good casual joint. check it out.
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I'd hit up the Beach, both Venice and Santa Monica.

Check out 3rd street Promenade at Santa Monica and there's lots of stores around there like UNDFTD, Fred Segal (if you're ballin), Active, etc.

Fox Hills is worth checking out because they have every shoe store chain-wise.
Fox Hills is the place for kicks in the city, and you're close by everything in SM, BH, etc.
yo man i livein cc all ma life so heres what i can say to visit:
1st of all for grub Tito's lol on washington blvd
Johnnies Pastrami right next to each other
El Abajeno (i think thats how u spell it haha) on inglewood blvd
thats what i can think of right now
Shopping wise
fox hills is coo for kicks and urban clothing (up against the wall)
hit up active undftd, fred segal, hot rod, and believ it or not 9star on olympic but thats kinda santa monica
if you want some good denim for cheap hit up Nordstroms Rack at howard hughes center off of sepulveda blvd
also Xtreme boardshop on venice / overland has some good gear also
hope that helped a little bit
also if you want to travel to hollywood / sunset
hit up FCLA on fairfax along with HUNDREDS and SUPREME
on melrose theres BROOKLYN PROJECTS, SPORTIE LA kinda pricy tho
also hit up SOLEBAR on hollywood blvd
there ya go la shoespots and good gear
Also check out RIF downtown in Koreatown, they are a consignment store and tend to have better prices than most consignment b/c they only take 15% from sellers. They have a link here in the socal forum. Depending on what you are looking for you might want to hit me up, lol.
Hit me up if you need penny foams! Check out my listing on iss under tyclef (Jordans, forces, air max etc.)
^^^^RIF is in J-Town, not K-Town (J-Town=Little Tokyo). some ppl might be confused because Pinkberry is opening up next door (Pinkberry=korean owned)
whoever shouted Tito knows his CC. I work on Hayden and National and make the drive to Tito's Tacos as least once a week.
Tito's Tacos is always packed. You should definitely try it. By the way, don't sleep on Honey Kettle Chicken. It's kind of expensive, but it's good. But yeah, for kicks, check out Fox Hills Mall. Melrose is cool too.
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