Living without a cell phone

Jun 21, 2007
Well, after having my cell phone for years, I've decided to cancel my plan. I just can't afford paying $70 a month, so for the first time in yearsI'll be without a cell phone.

Is anyone else living without a cell phone? How's it working out for you?


how old are you again?
ive lived most of my life without one, have only had one for a few years. i dont think i could go back tho lol
It's crazy how just a few years ago nobody had cell phones now it seems almost impossible to survive without one. Is it just me or does anybody else findit weird when people use a landline opposed to a cell phone?
i actually would like to try without going for a cell phone

its ridiculous how expensive phone plans are

i know people who spend 100+on there monthly bill, and rarely do they go over, or even come close to their minute limit
I don't see how you can live without a cell phone. When I have kids, they'll be getting one as soon as they go to school.
I can't be without mine. Don't have a landline anymore, so that saves some money. Everyone reaches me on my cell, it is my only contact number.

One of my boys refuses to get a cell,
. We used to chill all the time, but after college, when we all got jobs and schedules got hectic it became tough toreach him. Dude always taking about "We never hang out anymore"
. Theres no way of reaching you, "Dude, call my girlfriends number"
, "leave a message with my moms/sister"

$50 is worth the convenience.

I feel weird without it, like when I forget it at home (rare).
Can't do it man...I need to have mobile internet use...and how am I supposed to call someone if I get stranded or something...payphone?...telegraph? card?...good luck...
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Can't do it man...I need to have mobile internet use...and how am I supposed to call someone if I get stranded or phone?...telegraph? card?...good luck...
That is the crazy thing when you think about it. Since cell phones have become more common, pay phones have become obsolete in many areas. Ifyou get stranded somewhere, you may be SOL.

I still go
, when some people ask me: "Where can I find a payphone?", at Dodger Stadium. They were all removed in 2007.
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i can't live without it but when you don't have life is much easier... real talk

But my blackberry is an extension of my soul....

Same and just get a pre paided so you can still get calls
I would not be able to conduct business effectively without my cell phone

but someday I want to live in the country side and have to form of communication
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