LMAO @ Carlos Zambrano Vol. Ejection

Joined Feb 18, 2008
When I saw it earlier today I was thinkin that would be a perfect **** gif.. or some humorous double **** or "no you ****" spinoff
Joined Jan 13, 2001
this was hilarious.. caught it earlier, but don't understand why he had to go in on the gatorade machine like that. not like it did anything wrong.
Joined Oct 8, 2004
Originally Posted by FRANCHISE 55

The ump baited Zambrano. If you watch it, the ump gets closer to Z and then Z bumped him.
yea im pretty sure the ump bumped him first.
Joined Jan 12, 2003
Dumb +!! ump, these dudes really think they bigger than the game sometimes with their short fuses.
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