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He's gonna drop weight after summer, but its a wonder what a Elite college S&C/Nutrition program can do for an athlete.

That Husker vid is dope
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Originally Posted by Mr Marcus

got him on that Percy Harvin workout
Man I'll never forget it.. I was on a UGA board, and a thread was made somethin' like "Percy Harvin roids".  I was like the hell?
Clicked it and damn 
 he looked ridiculous.

I wanna be on whatever workout UF is doin' to make these players get like that. 
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Lloyd Carr retired from his spot as associate AD. Should take a little pressure off RRod. Could also be a sign that David Brandon is truly running things his way, which is not necessarily good for RRod. Bottom line is RRod has to win.

Today UofM had three OL visit today. Cyrus Hobbi, Jordan Walsh, and Jake Fischer. No commits. UofM could get a pretty good OL class if things go right.

Also scheduled to visit Thur-Fri is Dee Hart and his QB Nick Patti, who I heard draws comparisons to Tate.
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5am6oody72 wrote:[hr][/hr]
I hope and pray dude was held back like three years, otherwise that's just

I wonder, if he's legit 6'1 he might outgrow the RB position. I was about 5'11 at that age and I'm 6'4 now. You don't see too many 6'4 RB's he might have to switch to receiver. Serious lifting could stunt his growth though which would actually be a good thing in this case

He's a year older than normal, but still legit.
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Apparently Bobby Johnson has resigned as Vandy coach.

Probably going to promote Fowler to HC, which would be a good look because he was a good DC. Hopefully he can keep it status quo for the program over the past couple years sans last year.
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My preseason conference champion predictions:

Big 12 - Oklahoma
Pac 10 - Stanford
SEC - Alabama
ACC - Clemson
Big 10 - Iowa
Big East - Pittsburgh

Your thoughts?
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Originally Posted by l Silky Johnston l

My preseason conference champion predictions:

Big 12 - Oklahoma
Pac 10 - Stanford
SEC - Alabama
ACC - Clemson
Big 10 - Iowa
Big East - Pittsburgh

Your thoughts?
I dunno about Clemson or Iowa.  Stanford...?
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Without Kyle Parker (and probably even with), Clemson won't even win the Atlantic Division in the ACC. Slight chance he signs for less with the Rockies letting him play football this year but I doubt it.
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Originally Posted by Juicy J 32

I highly doubt Clemson will win the ACC. I think it will either be VT, UNC, or FSU.
Seriously, Clemson?

My pick is either Miami, us, or Florida State.

BTW we offered some CB out of Pennsylvania today so I'm pretty sure that's a sign that we think we have no shot with Nicholson. Also I'm hearing Curtis Grant wants to go to Florida.
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