Jun 19, 2006
So, this has got to be the rarest thing to happen in Detroit. Or does it make sense for the V's to sell out that quick? Not even ONE pair for me , I'm mad as ****. Went through my usual spots and everything was gone...

Anyone know any spots that still got them? I checked a bunch of places and I'm hearing about ppl lined up and what not, I slept hard on this one. This is the worst release of this year for me.
Check the Footaction and Footlocker in Northland Mall there wasn't a lot of people there when I copped
I'm a 14 year old kick fiend
Called there^ and called Eastland didn't have any luck. I did find a spot with a FSR on the Black Cat 4's but damn I need some Fire Reds !!!
This is very rare! It was so hard for me to get my pair and my cousins. I passed by mr alans in southfield and it was like 50+ outside. I had to go to Hp FL to get my lil cuzzo his 10.5. If it was always this hard to get jays i would quit, i know i wouldnt be able to chase down every release. Wheres the blk cats at? Im salty i got da pures instead. Any help would be great.
Dont get mad cause I get the girls and the kicks.And yes ima girl.​
I didn't think they would sell out like this did you check the Mr Alans on Telegraph Rd
I'm a 14 year old kick fiend
This is what happens when we tell everyone where we get kicks. You also have to remember that there was an L'syle release too, so why not pick up both.

We got people from Indiana, Ohio and canada to compete with now. I am lucky cuz I got my pairs held for me, but for other people it sucks. Keep your mouths closed when it comes to where you get your jordans is the message here.

and for a quick note, my place sold out of fire red before the L'style shoe. Also last I checked, mr alans was sold out every where for the fire red, and a few small sizes of the L'style are floating around

goog luck....
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I lost track of the store that had em, I was calling every retailer that carried GR's asking for Fire Reds then I called back the FL that said they had the 4s and all of a sudden they dont know what Im talkin about. So, I thouht maybe it was the wrong store, then I just redialed every store trying to find the black cats and nobody knows nothing. sorry yo

I got lucky though, I guess? ndc had a fsr of 5s earlier and I scooped my pair from their website.

That is true what your saying dublbagn , a lot of our neighbors are coming this way for their kix. I can get my Js on lock too, I just didnt know that they would cause a storm like this one and it will probably be worse when more og's are on the way.....
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