Longest you went without sleep?

Dec 10, 2001
So i just hit 24 hours, im 8 shy of my record. Worked 12 pm - 1 am yesterday, casino from 2 am - 9 am, now back to work
more than a few days .. however I did take every opportunity to bow my head and close my eyes ...

Military training!
24hrs for the first Dmp package. and 32 when I drove from Tampa To Cali and was Hyped up on Energy Drinks and Pills Like Jessie on Saved BY THE bELL
I went approx 45 hours when I was in college once
That was the dumbest thing ever.

Got off work on a Tue night around 10pm went to sleep and woke up for my Wed. classes at 7am. Fell behind on a paper by procrastinating so later that night itwas grind time so I was poppin caffeine pills and coffee that night and stayed up until the next morning,

7am the next morning I had one Thursday class from 8-9:30 so I went there sleepy as ever but by the time I got out I actually got a second wind....
Had to be at work around 3pm so I hit the library and worked on the paper until about 2 and hit the showers and went to work at 3 on time.

Job was at the airport screening baggage so I had to be attentive as ***%. Got off at 10pm again that night. Went back to the dorm to finish the paper andfinished up around 4am and that was apprx. 45hours. Submitted paper and crashed.

Roommate woke me up Saturday afternoon after he thought I was dead. I pretty much slept an entire day and a half

That was the dumbest thing I've ever done in my life
been up since thursday afternoon, bout to pass out soon i hope! damn monster energy drink kicks in too late n messed up my friggin hours!!!!!!!
about 72 hours, but used to do 40+ hours pretty regularly, smh at my cocaine use in the past...
70+ hours.

I can stay up for 24+ and only need about 6 hours of sleep to function, though.

I usually only get 4-5 on the weekdays.
Probably 48 hours when I was younger playing video games and what not. I'm way too weak for that now. I need my sleep!
42 hours straight. in those 42 hours i worked 2 separate shifts, partied and got drunk on 2 separate occasions, went to an early morning JB release and got myhair braided. not to mention endless driving in between all that. no energy drinks or drugs, i was jus a 21 year old party animal
1 day. craziest feeling ever. i was walking around like this o__O
Originally Posted by elboricua 6

more than a few days .. however I did take every opportunity to bow my head and close my eyes ...

Military training!
I know what u mean, Im in Iraq been here 7months and can relate so much, for me it was 3days didnt get 1min of sleep.
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