longest youve ever been awake.... sober

Joined Apr 7, 2008
first off, im the type of person who feels more awake when I sleep less

but on sunday i didnt go to sleep at all, same for monday, and then i slept 3 hours last night (wasnt even tired)

I dont feel tired at all now, just hungry because I havent been eating while awake at night, Ive actually lost some weight

people at school said Im a freak of nature though. I was looking at stuff online, and apparently I should have been/be pretty messed up by now, but I feel fine

i didnt drink coffee or energy drinks or consume any type of substance so Im wondering, did anyone else ever do or try to stay awake for a long time and howd ufeel?
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i was up for 70 hours straight from wednesday at noon til saturday morning 10am.

stayed up watching the olympics back in 2004, went to work on friday, went out after, then waited on line for the olympic VII's.

slept for 20 hours straight when i got home.
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47 hours is the longest I've been awake. Could go longer but while I was awake I:

1. Already been on an expedition for 9 out of 10 days
2. Hiked 12 miles with a 3000 ft. total elevation change
3. Stayed up all night
4. Got on the bus from rural New Mexico to the airport
5. Flew home to Oregon
6. Celebrated with friends.

so that would be a quick overview of everything I did during those 47 hours.
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Like 2 days straight 1st semester freshman year.

Spent two days playing fable, missed classes and only took breaks to eat and go to the bathroom.
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Originally Posted by ptrakarn23

first n only time with addy... cranked out 2 final papers; 36 hours awake
I took addy when I thought I had an exam back in the day b/c I didntgo to class just looked at the syllabus, called a chick I knew was in the class an hour after taking it, he pushed it back til after Thanksgiving break

I was up like 2 days
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Originally Posted by Cobra Kai

Like 2 days straight 1st semester freshman year.

Spent two days playing fable, missed classes and only took breaks to eat and go to the bathroom.
hope thats the OG fable cuz the second wasnt nowhere near livin up to expectations

My parents got real mad at me too cuz i told them i been goin to bed around midnight which theyre saying is way too late and I told moms 2am on monday night,even though i didnt sleep at all, and they always been buggin me with this, now theyre ODing though, i cant imagine how theyd react if i actually told them

and to dude askin how old I am im 17. I usually average 5-6 hours a night with like 8-9 on the weekends, and this really hasnt been a problem yet. Youresupposed to not be able to focus after like 24 hour, but I tore my english final apart today. I finished in half the time we were allotted and just chilledwhile everyone else was working

I was originally planning to just sleep in school, but I havent felt like it so I ended up just stayin awake. Reason i did it to begin with was for a researchpaper in english that was due on tuesday
Joined Nov 21, 2007
i didnt sleep at all saturday, worked a double sunday, slept for 2 hours sunday night and stayed up all day monday . tuesday and today i've been sleepingtoo much. *shrugs*

edit* adderral doesnt really keep me up like that..... e does though i could NOT sleep for like a day
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