Looking for a good Composite Softball Bat ( Slow Pitch )

Joined Jul 24, 2008
My city leagues are just starting to let us use composite bats kinda looking for recommendation on bats
Joined Jul 23, 2012
Tell me what league (ASA, NSA) and price range and I can help you out.
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Joined Dec 30, 2005
Damn your league was kinda behind the times if yall are just now using composite bats 
Joined Jul 24, 2008
has to be asa or usssa price range would be 200 or lower if possible im kinda looking at the Jeff Hall 454 black and pink one and I know that's a lil above 200

rck2sactown  Well my city is kinda slow lol but I think are fields are not big enough to hold the ball in lol  and few years ago dude got killed by a line drive on third so my city is a lil worried  another problem is they keep raiseing the price on teams and nobody wants to pay so they said we could use composite and only on one field lol
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