looking for a nice pair of lows for ball

Jul 6, 2008
i know there were a few threads about lows before but i didn't feel like grave digging.

i've always wanted to ball in lows before but never got around to getting myself lows to play in. all my life i've been balling in mids and i feelconfident enough to make the jump to lows.
i'm 5'5", 140lbs with medium sized feet, and i suppose i tend to shoot and slash more than anything since i'm an "undersized"player.
i'm looking for something that'll hold up fairly well both indoors and out and that doesn't have a short lifespan in cushioning.
pretty sure that 2 popular candidates for my lows search are the zk4s and mvps. i tried both shoes on before and while i liked them both, i think about thecons of both.
with the zk4s i'm not into droping $120+ on something with flywire + lunarfoam, i learned my lesson with the HDs

with the mvps it's the lack of any sort of airbag in heel that has me worrying about my knees during game sessions.
i know some might recommend bb1/bb2 lows but as much as i'd like to get them, i can only find them on ebay so i'd rather get something more easilyaccessible.
i'm sounding pretty picky, i know, but can anyone here recommend me some solid lows to ball in or at least shed some light on the zk4s or mvps for acushioning elitist?
Personally, I thought the Jordan XIV was one of the best shoes for me. It's fairly light, more of a low cut than a mid, if you want lower, there is aXIV low. Cushioning and support were both excellent. The ankle support on the instep might be a bit stiff at first, but once you break em in, it's a greatshoe. Lebron II lows are alright as well, but they felt like bricks on my feet. I'm only 5' 8" and a 170 lbs, I thought they were heavy.
thanks for the input so far, guys. i'll most likely be too lazy to search for a pair of XIVs or lbj II lows for a decent price. if i can find a blacked outcw of blue chip lows for cheap i might bite. as for the zk4s, there aren't anymore black-based cw's out now so i'll just have to wait until thebred cw comes out.

has anybody here tried the xx3 lows?
I haven't played in the XX3 Lows, but I've tried them on.

I would stay away just because of the outsole design. There's too much space between forefoot and heel, and I feel like the foot strike could really beaffected. And there's that solid plastic piece that isn't that high off of the ground, the forefoot and heel pads are almost even with it.

Lebron II Lows are pretty nice, not heavy at all for me. But they are pretty cushy, so don't expect the greatest court feel.

BB Lows are the best lows I've played in so far. Based on what I've played in, if I needed another pair of lows to play in for a while, I'd go withthose easily.

I'd like to get a pair of Bluechip lows at some point, if I could find a pair for cheap.

I've played in the following, and the BB low is my favorite:

Gil Zero
Gil II Zero
BB Low
Air Zoom Drive
Lebron II Low
XX Low
Zoom Turbine
yeah i see what you mean about the xx3 lows, deezy. i'm debating on whether i should get the MVPs or the ZK4s. as for the BB lows, i would definitely gofor those but i can't seem to find them anywhere but ebay for $120+.

does anyone know if a2zshoes.com is a legit site?
Definitely NOT a legit site.

The prices are too low and some of the colorways are ridiculous(ly fake).

Yeah, I don't know where you can find BB Lows for cheap now. They were in outlets for under $40 a couple of months back, who knows about now.
yeah upon further inspection even the HDs there look all fake.

anyway, i might just settle for MVPs at my local modell's for $70.
beating a decomposing horse with a stick, ankle sprains will happen no matter what cut your sneakers are.
im really disappointed with the selection of low tops that nike has provided this year.
Originally Posted by mt3130

im really disappointed with the selection of low tops that nike has provided this year.
i couldn't have said it better. i guess this is one bad time for someone to switch from mids to lows
i know it. all i'm looking for is a low top sneaker with full-length zoom or heel and forefoot zoom. i dont care about carbon fiber spring plates or doublestacked zoom. i have the sharkley lows that have heel zoom only and they are nice, but the balls of my feet take such a pounding.

i would try the kobe 4s, but they seem to be higher cut than alot of other lows and i refuse to do the lunarfoam again after feeling like nike cheated me outof my money with the hyperdunks. plus now i know that the flywire is nothing more than nylon thread with a plastic coating on the GR versions.

i tried going the adidas route this season because nike was letting me down, but that failed too. i got the commanders and they broke after 4 or 5 wears. theni got the creator lows and i started getting shin splints after just 2 times of playing in them.
Yeah, Nike seems to be in Defcom 5 stage cost cutting mode. They were already cutting costs like there was no tomorrow, but it's gotten unbelievably worse.They pretty much seem to trade in on their rep and name brand status.

I haven't bought a new pair of Nikes in a while now, and I don't plan on it anytime soon.

I was going to get the Zoom MVP's or the Kobe IV's, but they both cost too much for the tech. (or lack of) that they employ.

If I need new bball shoes, I'm going with other brands or I'll be on the hunt for older shoes like BB Lows or Zoom Drives.
hopefully nike will make some good lows this year. and hopefully one of them will be the BB3 low lol.
^^^even the bb 3 might be a risk because the bb 2 low only implemented heel zoom and was advertised as full-length zoom.
^Yeah, you can't even trust Nike's advertising anymore.

Now you have to actually try on the shoe and feel for yourself, or get the info. from word of mouf.

I haven't been hyped up about any recent Nike BBall releases. The last one for me was the Zoom BB series. They can keep the Lebron VI's and KobeIV's, the Hyperdunks and Sharkley hybrids, etc. etc. etc.
thanks for all the input so far, everyone. i decided that i'm going to hold out on balling in lows for now. i don't want to settle for whatever nikehas out now with shoes that have either zoom in the heel or the forefoot. hopefully nike will put out something more than decent in the low top department inthe future (kobe V?). if money is really right i might pull the trigger on some zk4s but it's unlikely.
^^^yo i was just about to post this in the lebron 6 low thread. i emailed back and forth with someone from nike and they mentioned nothing about double stackedzoom in the heel but did say the 6 lows have zoom air in the heel and forefoot, which would explain the 90 dollar price point.
that's better than one or the other i suppose. if i see them in stores i'll try them out. good info, mt3130.
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