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Jun 26, 2002
I need more memory on my comp so I'm looking for an external hard drive, any suggestions of places or sales that going on right now?
ebay best place. other then that future shop or best buy got some good deals.

i got mine off ebay (320 gb for 115 cad shipped)

also check out canada computers on college, close to spadina or their website www.canadacomputers.com

brands you want: seagate (as recommended by my IT friends that run a school network and computer system)

brands you dont want: western digital
Yeah Seagate is nice. I need to actually pick up another external hard drive for this summer. I gotta keep up with the times and this whole "digital DJ" movement. Still love my vinyls though.

eBay, and those places are nice. Also check out TigerDirect.

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get a vantec nexstar HD enclosure for < $30 and u can use any HD with it...

i have one and its great for lugging around files/music, USB2.0 interface etc

consign on canada computers. Or if u want to deal with bad english but good prices, take a walk around p-mall
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College/Spadina...cop a cheap normal internal HD (as long as it is a decent brand and you take care of it it'll be fine) and cop an external case (i may have an extra one) and you're good.


i did what bobby suggested recently. I copped an internal hard drive and then an external case and put one together myself it ended up being cheaper than i thought. If you don't trust buying from Spadina cuz they don't do returns sometimes then check out Bestbuy. But word of advice get a good case, especially if your on the move a lot, some of em can't handle too much motion.
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^Yeah, the case is important if you're gonna go my route, factor is USB 2.0/firewire connection if you need it, surge protector in case of power surges, stability/weight in case you're going to move it alot or have it somewhere where there is a risk of it moving alot or falling, activity lights, etc.


Q: Locally in Sacrborough as well try the Kennedy strip from Lawrence going all the way northbound up to Ellesmere. On both sides of the street there are electronics discount retailers all over the place.

Got my 320GB Western Digital for $90 from Tech Direct. Gonna get a better enclosre though when the files get serious enough to protect :tongue:
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RWTW did you end up copping like we talked about?

Of course if you wanna go the tiger direct or factory direct sometimes they have major deals, they have a weekly flyer with coupons they email out or you can find on the subway metro, etc.


I seen ppl saying Spadina/College, word up theres like 20 stores with cheap good stuff, hit it up
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You can buy a 250-320 GB. Seagate or Western Digital for under $100, and there's deals for 500 GB Seagates for $180 or less, and just throw it in an external. I recently bought a 500 GB Seagate for $150, from Tigerdirect. Look for Seagate Barracudas or Western Digital Caviars, they're the quickest high capacity drives on the market currently.

Edit* Q I was just looking around, and this is an insane deal on a 500 GB drive from Western Digital if you have a Canada Computers around you.
500 GB WD Drive
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^ I have that drive in my computer, bought it like a month ago, $157 or so at the time, no problems with it.
Damn I just bought the Seagate Barracude 7200.1 500GB from Tiger Direct for I think maybe $129.....I might cop that WD 500GB joint for $109 just for the hell of it :smh:
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