^LOL, this dude. You in all the forums lunchin. Besides, You don't need Forces in Bed. I just need to know what's poppin' on the weekend of the 25th

don dont laugh cause i might be helping you out with sneaks not being funny, 19th miami, 28th las vegas
^Difference is, I'm not going looking for shoes. I got too damn many now.

All I want as soon as I touch down is 3 three "Call a Cab's" and some sexy ****** 'round me.....

meet me there and i will share, i wont hate i dont do mo, i go for fun,sneaks if i find, @#%$, beach, and buns
any spot my inventory is low, since i dont have nike i gotta get mine, gotta keep people in and out to stop the fake stores for getting ther
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