Looking for shoes to replace my XVIIIs

Aug 13, 2000
Well, no matter what shoes I've balled in the last few years, I also fall back to playing in 18s for a while. The 18s just have a great blend of cushioning, traction, and court feel. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a current shoe that performs and feels similar? I've tried out the 20s, 21s, 14s, LBJ3s, LBJ4s, and 2K5s in the last year and all are nice shoes, but not quite right. I'm thinking the XX2s might be it, but not sure since they are not out yet. How do the Kobe 1s and Melo 3s compare to the 18s? Anything else out there I should consider?

The 18s just have a great blend of cushioning, traction, and court feel.

Same here. Been on the lookout for a cheap pair of 18s in black/blue for a while.
While I haven't tried anything on your list, so far the one shoe that comes even remotely close to 18s in my opinion is the 14s.

I'm not talking to you.
Gig'em Ags.
honestly the closest thing to the 18's are the 19's. the cushioning and traction are extremely similar. the fit is bit better than the 18's though it seems to be cut slightly higher and the mesh cover can be a bit annoying. stability is definitely better as the outriggers on lateral forefoot sides give discourage rolling or tipping. unfortunately, neither the 18's nor 19's come on the cheap nowadays, though if you stay on eBay you might come up on a deal. hope this helps.
sorry to bump this from the last page but since there arent many replies it hought i might chime in...

rpc, i agree with you, the XIX are very close to the XVIII and i prefer them. ive played in the oly xix se and the white/royal xviii and the xix se are more comfy and lighter, the xviii have better traction though
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xix se are great
similar cushioning, better fit, better ankle support, traction isnt as good as the xviii's
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I have the XVIII Lows, and they are pretty good.

I wasn't a big fan of the XIX SE's so I wouldn't agree with them being like the XVIII's.

I would actually say the Kobe I's are kind of similar, in terms of court feel, traction and fit. My XVIII lows fit very snugly and well, traction is exceptional like everyone says, and the cushioning is nice too. I actually like the Kobe I cushioning better, and fit and traction are both good on these too.

I would also bring up the first Converse Wade, even though the midsole might break down soon, if you toss a replacement insole in there, it's a great shoe. Traction and fit are nice, and the court feel is good too.
i have the XVIII's for ballin but u should try out the flightposite III's
with the two bubbles on the each side of the shoe now those are comfortable
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