LOVE DEM KICKS 1900th Collection post

May 5, 2005
alright,I couldn't wait until 2000.and now is the only time where i have a lot of time.

Well,I've always been into Jordans ever since I was born when my dad bought them for me.But got serious around December 04 when black/red 13s released.Since then I never looked back.I've been on NT for about 2 years.I know there isn't a lot of heat but I still love my shoes.My plan in a few years is to make a hit list of every shoe I ever wanted and stop once I obtain all of them,that's a post you should look out for.I buy about 90% of my sneakers,well,like I've said im only 14 :wow:

loving those Blackpacks and Aquas sir.
NT Refs:​
Migit1209(friend), akdms(cant remember), ballinyoungstar(sold Takashis), Da Ballin Dunk(bought tee), Kidwithkickz(Broncos for Band-Aids), NYC Safe Bet(bought Infrareds), JAYMATIK(bought Jedis)
niec steel 10s, and fire red 3s, they look nice with black laces
looking for 8.5-9.5
chambray 7
How you got white/cement III's at the bottom of the rack? stuff man.
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Ahhhhhhh Aquas.

Very nice variety.
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thanks for the comments.

And I been wearing those 94 retros daily for about 2 months now.They are 11.5
Aquas r siiick
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