LRG Dead Serious Hoody returns OCT 30th... THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!

Joined Aug 10, 2003
i had that t shirt... i remember buying it after class one day since i went to school in nyc... also when i wore it to class i was bragging to my classmates it glows in the dark... this one girl in english class straight up shut off the lights real quick just to see my t shirt glow :lol:
Joined Jan 2, 2012
I never cared for that hoodie but I’m HS there was always the baller kids that would stunt in bape and that kinda stuff. I still wonder if all that was fake or their parents just spent whatever
Joined Jul 16, 2001
Awww man, I think I was either a freshman or a sophomore in college when that dropped.
Went through a frenzy of sites to cop this and the iron maiden hoody. Don’t think I can wear that now at 33 :lol:
Joined Dec 27, 2014
My homie used to work for Karmaloop doing ecommerce and would send me boxes full of stuff, crazy promo codes and stuff. LRG, Crooks, Artful Dodger, etc. Sold most of it on ebay :lol:

My favorite was the Crooks Heat hoodie. People used to come up to me and say "I like that Scarface hoodie."

Joined Nov 24, 2006
Ah yes, the golden era of NT.

That skull shirt was dope. I still have mine and it is a 2XL. Would love to get that tailored down to a medium but am afraid if that happened it would probably only have one skull left.

I can't remember though who did the zip up face hoodies first...was that Bape or LRG?
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