Luxury Homes in and around Atlanta.


Dec 7, 2006
So I'm from Washington, D.C., not exactly but a few minutes north of it.

My family has friends in Lawrenceville, GA that we sometimes visit, and everytime we head down there we are amazed at your cost of living.

I love it up north but it is expensive as hell. Being that we're from here, our little doinker house is worth about half a mil and it ain't nothin', where as if we brought our money south, we could have a huge house(am I correct). Since I don't wanna waste time, let me just cut to the chase.

The BIG Picture

What are some luxury home builders in and around Atlanta, I'm looking homes in the 600-700 thousand range because for us that would be extremely affordable and probably really nice.

What are the prestiguous parts of the city, think (potomac,md or greenwich, ct) with good private schools, etc.

I googled already but google is giving me all these no name companies.

Thanks NT!
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Buckhead has really nice homes, thats where alot of celebrities that choose to reside in atlanta live..i would venture to say that there are some really houses in your price range there, but most of the really nice homes are probably in the millions...
However i have some friends that stay in Dacula, which is not that far from Lawrenceville, and they live in a neighborhood in your price range.. think their home costed a little less than 600,000 and had plenty of space...around 3 bed rooms and a master bedroom upstairs, middle level huuge kitchenwith dining space, with a den, dining room, and another extra room, and then a GHUGE basement that was so large that they could still have a room for entertainment(pool table etc.) 2 more bedrooms, an office and another den.. so all in all about 6 or 7 bedrooms, 4 and a half bathrooms and plenty of room throughout the house..and their nehighborhood has a club house and golf course, pool, everything.. The only drawback is the actual distance from Atlanta..on a good day i can go from there to ATL in about 25 minutes but thats speeding up 85 North @ 80+ mph..I love the area though...
Roswell, Ga. is listed to be the 11th safest place to live in the U.S. Homes in Roswell keeps their value but I'm unsure if you'll be able to purchase a brand new home. Roswell is about 15 mins from downtown and their school is one of the best.

Or you can go to Fayette County which is 15 mins from the airport and 20-25 mins from downtown. Their public school is system is listed to be the top 15 in the nation. Also they're a lot of land that can be purchase.

Now on the Southwest side, Camp Creek Area, they're buying new homes starting from 300K-800K (Mostly 4-5 beedroom homes) brand new. A lot of successful/artist/athletes live in that area including myself. You're 15 mins away from the city also 5 mins away from the Airport. The market over there is hot. They're building stores and communities there.
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douglas county \ douglasville. the houses are going for (in your case) next to nothing and so is the land.

SW Atlanta\Camp creek\Sandtown.
I live 2 doors down from a 700k house. Actually 2 of em. And a little more down the street is a gated subdivision starting around 500k with really nice house. In the unincorporated Fulton County is where all the development is. Plenty of subdivisions (from the 300s all the way to probably 1mil.) Walden Park is VERY nice and I think those are running about 4-8. T-Pain lives there. Woodward Academy is about 10-15 mins away and is a good private school. SW Atlanta Christian is 5 mins away and is also a good school, academically and athletically (ie Dwight Howard and Javaris Crittenton).

Lithonia is on the eastside but I think it's falling off a little. Nevertheless, you can get a very nice home for 500k, even less. Further from the city, about 20-30 mins without traffic. With traffic.. hour? Don't know too much about the private schools but Dekalb County Schools has the lowest graduation rate in Metro ATL if not Ga.

Oh and as far as builders, John Wieland.
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the cobb/vinnings area is a great area. like tramond said, john wieland is highly respected down here. i live in mableton (cobb county) and wieland is building in this area and new charter school (K - 8)
a college fund or invest it.

another quality builder is McCar Homes and they are currently offering 25k in specials right now. it's definitely a buyers market right now.
600-700k could get you something gangsta in ATL, but like the last man said you can get something phat for $400k and stack the rest.
henry county....eagles landing, lake dow, lake spivey.
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i think you need an agent. there are a few more variables that need to be identified and communicated besides price range and proximity to the city. if you PM me, i'll give you my wife's information and your pops could give her a call and give her some more info about what you are looking for. i can tell you this though, if you are seriously looking to spend $800k, it doesn't make since to go with a cookie cutter builder (wieland), for that type of money down here you really should be looking at going custom. also, for that type of money you are probably looking at a 5000 - 6000 sq ft home (pending party of city you are in). is that the size home you guys want? i would also warn against that large of a down payment, but that's me. anyway, good luck and the "prestigious" parts of the city are buckhead (fulton county), vinnings (cobb county), roswell (fulton count).
there is not prestigious counties in Ga...there are more prestigious cities. but not counties as a whole.

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mynameaintG got it right, haha...
only prestigious cities really...
and 10-20 mins from downtown, ur lookin at in fulton county, dekalb, clayton, or cobb...
well atleast those are the ones i can think of that are bout that far...
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i live in suwanee, which is not too far from lawrenceville. there are a few neighborhoods up the street with houses, some still being built starting in the $600s. next time i go that way, ill take some pics.

edit: went over there and tried to take pics of unoccupied homes, but not much luck. they look like they're worth about 4 anyway, not 650
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Why dont you buy vicks house? he has one there..
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Fayette County...
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Clayton County​
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