Mac Miller - Suplexes Inside Of Complexes And Duplexes (ft Jay Electronica)

Joined Oct 1, 2011
This is a nice track but Mac is on his Game steez, dude sounds EXACTLY like Earl Sweatshirt on here :lol:
Joined Jun 23, 2008
Definitely buying Mac album this go around. Sounds like it'll be 100x better than Blue Slide Park thus far.
Joined Nov 1, 2005
Jay went in :x :pimp:

Didn't know what to expect from a Mac Miller / Jay Elec collab, but this was the perfect track for him to jump on
Joined May 9, 2013
Good and bad part to dis.

Da good- finally heard from jay and he went in

Da bad- stop wasting time on features and release da album
Joined Jun 1, 2011
Ive been feeling a good number of Mac tracks/features lately. This isn't one if them.
Joined Jul 25, 2012
This guy j elec is so frustrating. I honestly feel like there's nobody in the world that's rapping better than this man but he'll never have the work ethic to prove that
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