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    After 5 grueling seasons, the dust had finally settled on the NikeTalk Madden 15 League. Many casualties occurred, little remorse was left, but all competitors entered battle with the spirit of a true warrior, each hoping to cement themselves as the dominant player in the NT Madden world. In the end, five men earned hardware to add that much value to their arguments, and luckily for us all...”I remember...cause I was there!!!”

    Season I : One Chief, 31 Indians

    Early bragging rights were up for grabs as each of the competitors looked to make early statements in the league! The action became so fierce that the games weren’t enough; we needed documentation, and thus...write-ups such as this were introduced. Winners were praised that much more in the weekly editions, and the losers had to hope they wouldn’t be ridiculed as they waited to get back on the field next week. Lots of the traditional league heavyweights were among the league’s best in Season One, such as Pittsburgh, New Orleans, Green Bay, Philadelphia and Dallas. We also saw the quick rise of upstart teams like the Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans, and Minnesota Vikings. However, it would be a group from the midwest that would seize the throne...

    The 2014 Kansas City Chiefs, despite their all-time great defense, had flown under the radar for much of the season until a regular season game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Although they lost that game, vengeance would be had in the playoffs with a shockingly rousing road victory over the AFC North Champions in the divisional round of the playoffs, before winning in a CLASSIC AFC Championship against the AFC East Champ Dolphins in South Beach. That game still ranks in the top3 of the league’s history...

    From there, KC would meet another playoff road warrior: the NFC’s 5th-seeded Vikings. Minnesota was an upset machine throughout, having defeated the 12th Man in the Wild Card Round and the Saints in New Orleans before facing the Eagles (who had won at Dallas and Green Bay, themselves) in an all Wild Card NFC Title Game up north. The birds couldn’t sustain their momentum in the winter weather, as Adrian Peterson and Co. marched to the Super Bowl in convincing fashion...

    ...Where they would be defeated in that same manner. Young Teddy Bridgewater, try as he may, would have no answer for Justin Houston, Tamba Hali, Eric Berry, and...SB MVP Marcus the Chiefs humbly rode their legendary defense all the way to NT history’s finish line as the FIRST World Champions of the new league!!! How could you NOT root for this team?!?

    Best Games of Season:

    1. KC @ MIA II - AFCCG for the Ages
    1a. KC @ MIA I - Defensive Thriller!!! 7-0
    2. NO @ PIT - Legend of Landry!!!
    3. CLE @ HOU - Wild Card Shootout
    4. OAK @ DEN - Talk Yo **** Vic!!!
    5.PHI @ GB - Underdog Eagles Strike Again!!!

    Honorable Mentions:

    KC @ PIT I - Heavyweight Battle for #2 Seed
    STL @ SEA II - Bradford’s Last Stand!!!
    IND @ HOU I - #5Wide

    SEASON II : L.O.B. City, No Clippers

    With momentum at a premium after the first season, the league’s second year would be centered around all which was new: contenders, rivalries, and, ultimately, its eventual champion. While the champion Chiefs flirted with an undefeated season for quite some time, the Dolphins, Steelers, and Texans were right on their heels, all eager to thwart KC’s hopes of a repeat title season. However, the AFC North would witness the resurgence of the Baltimore Ravens, the shocking rises of the Jets and Colts, and the possibly the biggest movement of the league at that point: #Shmoney and the Cleveland Browns, who surprised many by making the playoffs the season before.

    In the NFC, the Packers, Saints, Seahawks and Cowboys all fought for conference supremacy the year before, but none except for Seattle would win their respective divisions again. The Chicago Bears unleashed an aerial assault on the league en route to the NFC North crown, while the Skins rode a wild late season surge to take the NFC East title. And in the South, the Carolina Panthers embarked on their first full season of what would become a very, very polarizing that, this season, would end in the Pacific Northwest.

    For the entire season, the Seahawks and Panthers fought for the top record in the NFC; they both finished at 13-3, but Seattle won the tiebreaker due to a better conference record. There was still work to be done for each team; for Seattle they met, and obliterated the Saints, in the divisional round of the playoffs, while Carolina outlasted Washington in the same round in what is still considered the most anticipated playoff game in NT league history. Possibly the best non-divisional rivalry in the league, the Panthers and Skins had just played a few weeks before in another instant classic, which featured masterful 4th quarter drives by both teams, and ended with a shocking game-winning kick return for Washington as they escaped with what would be the last home defeat of the Panthers in Charlotte for the entire duration of the league...

    In the AFC, the Chiefs were looking nearly invincible, but so were the Dolphins, who were driven to make the Super Bowl after being just one play away the previous season. However, the game that would’ve shattered all playoff ratings records never happened -- thanks to the Baltimore Ravens, who took out BOTH teams en route to the Super Bowl. They would meet the Seahawks, who proved to be a little too much for Cam and Co. in the NFCCG. In the battle of the birds, Shamell Patton was held in check by Bobby Wagner and the Seattle front seven, JUST enough for Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Percy Harvin to outscore the Ravens to win the franchise’s 2nd Lombardi Trophy!!! It would seem as though Richard Sherman’s appearance on the Madden cover was validated yet again, as he and the 12th Man rested atop the league’s pecking order once more...

    Best Games of Season:

    1. WSH @ CAR I - Black Friday Blockbuster!!!
    1a. NYJ @ MIA I - Most. Hype. Ever.!!!
    2. WSH @ CAR II - Postseason Grudge Match!!!
    3. KC @ MIA - Phins End Chiefs 16-0 Hopes
    4. NYJ @ IND - Hulk Silences MIke!!!

    Honorable Mention:

    MIA @ DAL - Texas-Sized Meltdown!!!
    HOU @ KC - Arrows Over Hammers!!!

    Season III - Super Bowl Blackout: Giants Rise to Power

    After such an eventful season, how could Season 3 even come close to topping its predecessor??? Sure, the hostility died down a bit, but that didn’t prevent controversy from rearing its head on a regular basis, thanks to #ConnectionGate, or what we simply know as...PTP. Many question its origin, but there was lots of speculation in the Season 2 playoff game between the Ravens and Dolphins. With Miami up 14-0 early on, the connection between the two competitors was lost, and so was any momentum the host Dolphins built. The game was immediately restarted, and the Ravens were victorious, and made it to the Super Bowl before falling to the Seahawks. Ever since then, urban legend has it that the game immediately after a speculated PTP incident never bodes well for one of the two players, usually whomever is the home team. PTP rumors also ran rampant (although unknown) when a Season 2 primetime showdown between NFC powerhouses Chicago and Carolina was completely in favor of the Bears, who had just scored an 80 yard TD before the half to go up 28-17 over the Panthers. The connection was lost in the third quarter, at which point the Bears led 35-24. The game was immediately replayed, and it resulted in a 44-7 rout in favor of Carolina; while the fake punt in a Season 2 game against the Tampa Bay Bucs would start this change in outlook, it was the Chicago game which heightened the questioning of Carolina, and the targeting of the #System as a whole...

    PTP was also present in the Season 3 Super Bowl, however, which featured a SB XXXV rematch between the Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants. The Ravens were the first team to make consecutive championship appearances, and were looking to not have a deja vu performance in the Big Game. Their opponents, the Giants, had bolstered their lineup in the offseason, acquiring AJ Green, Rob Gronkowski, and DeMarco Murray to go along with rookie QB Louie Swain in what suddenly became a fearsome offensive unit. The 1 seed in the NFC, NYG demolished defending champion Seattle in the divisional round of the playoffs, then outlasted the “MIXTAPE” Rams in the NFCCG to get to the Super Bowl, while Baltimore defeated Buffalo and Houston, who were fresh off a classic playoff victory over the Steelers.

    The Ravens’ fortune would not be kind this season either; during the stream of the Super Bowl, Baltimore was winning when the connection was lost. In typical form, the restarted game was one in which the Ravens were stifled completely, although, due to a league-wide blackout, we will never know to what extent. Nonetheless, the Giants, who soon relocated to Toronto as the Mounties, emerged from the darkness as Super Bowl Champions, and a tall task for anyone to overcome in the next season...

    Best Games of Season:

    PIT @ HOU - The Longest Yard Pt. 2!!!
    STL @ MIA - #System > Mixtape
    STL @ NYG - Rams Fold Under NYC Lights!!!
    HOU @ BAL - Ravens Avoid AFCCG Hammer!!!
    MIA @ SF - Vic’s Early Statement!!!

    Season 4: #SystemBowl : Steel Curtain Re-Emerges

    It had been about a half-year since the NT Madden ’15 League began, and by now the tide started to turn; some past division shoo-ins were fighting to even make the playoffs, while others were looking to acquire that final achievement which would, in the eyes of the masses, cement their legacies for many Maddens to come...

    In the AFC, the brash Denver Broncos, although under new ownership, were back to their trash-talking ways, drawing the ire of many in the conference, particularly a Steelers team who was intent on ending their disappointing playoff performances from past seasons. Their work was plentiful, as the Indianapolis Colts became the league’s hottest team for most of the season, with usual contenders Houston and Baltimore on their heels, plus upstarts like Buffalo and Oakland looking to prove themselves worthy of top-tier consideration.

    The NFC watched the defending champion Giants (now the Mounties, after relocation) acquire JJ Watt in the offseason from Houston. Surely they were the favorites to repeat as champion...but the re-emergence of the Cowboys and Eagles would give the champs all they wanted in the division. The Bears were nearly unchallenged in what had become the remains of the NFC North, while St. Louis looked to maintain control of the West from Seattle. The South also featured the Bucs, who were coming off a division title, trying to maintain control of the division from a Panther team who was fresh off auto-cation, and ready to make a run to history...

    The Steelers conquered all in the AFC playoffs, establishing themselves as road warriors just like they did in their 2005 championship run. They started by defeating “Messiah” and the Broncos at Mile High, before plastering Indy in a game which left the Colts broken up to this very moment. Then, in what had re-emerged itself as the best rivalry in football, the Ravens and Steelers met in the AFCCG in Baltimore. Two-time MVP Jacobie Fisher was not to be denied this year, as he, LeVeon Bell, Martavis Bryant, ensured that Terrible Towels would be present in Tampa for the Big Game...

    Where the Panthers would oppose them. Carolina, in contrast to Pittsburgh, entered unfamiliar territory during Season 4; being league villains. After a #ConnectionGate in a game with the New Orleans Saints in which Carolina was up 34-12, the then 3-1 Panthers would have to replay the game against their division rivals. However, the game had to go to simulation due to time constraints, and the Saints won 21-14. From there on Carolina ran the table, winning 12 straight to close the regular season, in either merciless or surprisingly vocal fashion. At 14-2, they beat the Eagles in the divisional round before meeting NYG in a dramatic NFCCG. The last game at Bank of America Stadium saw the defending World Champions quickly take a 14-0 lead, before Cam Newton settled down and made a game of it, one which came down to the wire. Tied at 21 with 38 seconds remaining, Jonathan Stewart scampered up the middle on a 3rd and 3 which put Carolina in position to punch their Super Bowl ticket...

    And it’s there where they were introduced to the rebirth of the Steel Curtain. From the opening kickoff, the Steelers were in command, beginning the game with a forced fumble by Ryan Shazier on the opening kickoff. Pittsburgh recovered, scored on the first offensive play, and thwarted Carolina’s valiant efforts with tremendous red zone defense en route to a 24-9 Super Bowl victory! The subsequent social media ridicule of Carolina hadn’t been seen since that of LeBron after the 2011 NBA Finals. After a season full of thrilling last-minute and last-second wins, the Panthers left empty-handed, while the Steelers reigned supreme once more...

    Best Games of Season:

    CAR vs PIT - Cam Comes Up Short
    NYG @ CAR - Changing of the NFC Guard
    PIT @ BAL - Fisher Field Day in AFCCG
    CAR @ MIA - Monday Night Madness
    NYG @ CHI - Champs Survive Wild Card Shootout

    Season 5: Reverse Vinatieri: A Patriotic Ending

    The final full season of the NT Madden ’15 League featured possibly the biggest twist in the league’s history. For what would go down as the final act as a whole, A games across the league were brought on a weekly basis, old rivalries were renewed, and an unlikely new champion would be crowned. The NFC had become a complete free-for-all; it saw Washington, St. Louis, and Carolina tie for the top seed, with the Skins and Rams gaining first-round byes due to tiebreakers. Carolina’s hopes for redemption would go through the Wild Card Round for the first time, while the juggernaut Steelers cruised to a first-round bye in the AFC. The Ravens, Texans, and Patriots all looked to lay siege to the reigning champs’ stay atop the mountain...

    Only the Patriots accomplished this feat. Compiling a 13-3 record while using two QBs throughout the season due to injury, much like Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady in 2001. Both participants would have to go thru old rivals to secure their Super Bowl spot; New England survived a great battle with the hard hitting Texans before hitting the road to Heinz Field, where they sent the Steelers home in convincing fashion and ended Pittsburgh’s hopes of being the first repeat champion in league history. The Panthers, also 13-3, would be pushed to the brink by past rivals Giants, Skins, then Bears. They survived each test: a 27-24 triumph over NYG, a 16-10 nailbiter to keep their season intact at Washington, and an improbable 30-28 victory over the Bears in Charlotte.The game saw Chicago take a 28-27 lead with just 41 seconds left, before Cam Newton’s Hail Mary prayer was answered, which allowed Graham Gano to kick another game-winning FG and break the hearts of Chicago yet again...

    Gano, who was 32-33 on field goals, hitting kicks from as far as 61 yards, wouldn’t have such luck in the Super Bowl. The Panthers and Patriots, much like their first meeting in Super Bowl 38, went back and forth, with New England taking a one-point lead after a Jimmy Graham TD with less than 40 seconds to play. From his 20 with no timeouts, Cam Newton had one more act of postseason magic; he completed two consecutive passes to get Carolina within Gano’s range before spiking the ball with 5 seconds...surely, it was a wrap, as 55 yards was nothing for Gano...a Seminole alum...and true to form, yet completely unexpected...

    Wide. Right. Ballgame. New England 21, Carolina 20.

    Best Games of Season:

    NE vs CAR (Super Bowl)- Patriots Prevail Again!!!
    CHI @ CAR (NFCCG) - Newton’s Law of Impossibility!!!
    HOU @ NE (Divisional) - Pats and Texans Duel in Snowy Foxboro!!!
    CAR @ WSH (Divisional) - Second Playoff Installment of Epic Rivalry
    CHI @ STL - Bearing Down on the Mixtape!!!

    Honorable Mentions:

    CAR @ CHI - Comeback Cam Strikes in CHI Again
    CAR @ TB - Hammer Time at the 1!!!


    But beautiful as history, such as the above, can’s just that; history. We now transition to Madden ’16, where all is new : new rivalries, new teams, new champions!!! So many questions to be answered...and only YOU, competitor, will be able to do so!!!

    To the returning feels good to be back!!! The slate is now wiped clean...may your tomorrows be better than yesteryear!!!

    And to the new competitors...I hope you’re ready!!! The time to cement your name in Madden lore is now...the crown is there for the talking...but WILL you? Or better yet, CAN you?

    Either way, we will find out...


    IT’S WAR TIME!!!

    Good luck...and welcome back to “THE GAUNTLET”...:pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:

    League Settings

    Instant Starter - ON
    Salary Cap - ON
    Skill Level - All-Madden
    Quarter Length – 9 Minutes
    Play Clock Time - 20
    Game Speed - NORMAL
    Min Speed Threshold - 35
    Coach Firing - ON
    Injury - ON
    Pre Existing Injury - ON
    Trade Deadline - ON
    Trade Type - ENABLE HUMAN
    Relocation Settings – DISABLED

    Team Settings

    Previous Play Information – ON

    Cpu Settings

    Fill Roster – ON
    Sign Offseason Free Agents - ON

    League Advancing & Scheduling

    LEAGUE ADVANCES - will be:


    If all games have been played for the week we will advance earlier than the scheduled times.

    This thread will be used to post scheduled games. One of the 2 players should post time and date of scheduled game. Home team gets to pick whatever jersey they want, away team does the opposite.

    We understand people have lives and special events and emergencies happen, but we won’t allow people to keep the league in the dark and hold up other members. As long as members effectively communicate with the league there won't be any issues.

    Twitch Streaming & Highlights

    It is mandatory that the HOME team stream your game. If you don't have a Twitch account create one.

    Twitch will be used to make games more interesting and help prevent cheating. It is not mandatory but encouraged that you make your own highlights and post in this thread.

    Title your stream - Niketalk League, Niketalk League Week #, or any other variation with Niketalk. Makes it easier to search for.

    *Please make sure your broadcast video quality is set to "Best HD".

    Test your feed so by viewing it on your smartphone or pc.

    How to save clips and edit highlights:

    This is how you set it up.

    Step 1. Press share button.

    Step 2. Make clip length 15 mins.

    To save:

    Step 1. Double tap SHARE when you're at the play screen with your opponent. You will see a red dot appear on the top left of the screen. This indicates the recording has started. Once 15 minutes has gone by you'll see a message appear that says clip has been saved. Be alert for it because you'll need to double tap SHARE again. If the game ends before you get the message you can either wait for it or click SHARE again then select UPLOAD VIDEO CLIP and it'll save.

    How to edit.

    Niketalk League highlight tutorial:

    Section 1. THIS IS A SIM LEAGUE. If you don’t see it happen in the NFL on Sundays then you probably shouldn’t do it. Don’t go on Youtube and learn about nano blitzes and money plays, you get caught you gotta go.

    Section 2. 12/12 RULE -Mix up your playing style. You must run a minimum of 12 passing and 12 running plays. Not here to tell you how to run your playbook but lets not abuse the 01 Trap, QB Rollout, & Verticals play like most did last year. You have a whole playbook at your disposal please use it. Note – Calling a passing play, snapping the ball and immediately sprinting back/to the sideline to create plays will not be tolerated.

    Section 3. ABUSING AUDIBLES/HOT ROUTES IS NOT ALLOWED. In general you need to be sticking to the play called. Hot routes and audibles are ok if you sense a blitz, but there should not be 4 different changes being called out at the line of scrimmage. This also means you should not be changing your WR to a curl route every time the CB is in off coverage.

    Section 4. NO QUICK SNAPPING- Rushing your offense to the line of scrimmage and not allowing the defense to get set is strictly prohibited. Whenever you motion a player allow the corner/linebacker/safety to get set before hiking the football.

    Section 5. NO LINE DRIVE PUNTS. Kick it to allow the returner to return the ball or kick it out of bounds. This is a glitch that confuses the AI. We did it a lot last Madden. On the flip side, No players along the line of scrimmage can be pulled back prior to the ball being snapped in order to allow for an extra blocker.


    Section 6. NO F DEFENSE. You must have at least 3 pass rushers at all times.

    Section 7. BLOWOUT GAMES. If you’re leading by 17 points or more then it is recommended that you sit your starters and let you bench players get a chance to earn XP.

    Section 8. THERE WILL BE NO (XP) STAT PADDING ALLOWED. If you are winning big in a game you need to be putting in your backup players and running the ball. We will not tolerate a player that consistently has 200 yards rushing/receiving, 500 yards passing and so on. This goes for defensive sacks also. Players should not be recording 3 sacks per game all season.

    Another form of stat padding is over using a certain player. A RB should not have 35 carries while the backup has 3. A WR should not have not have 12 receptions while everyone else has 2 or less. This goes along with mixing up your play calling. You should be spreading the ball around.

    Players found to be guilty of stat padding will receive a suspension based on the severity and number of offenses.

    Repeat offenders of stat padding will be removed from the league

    Any team that is up by 21 or more points in the 4th quarter needs to bench their stars and be running the ball. Anyone caught running up the score intentionally against either the CPU or a User will be subject to player suspensions.

    Section 9 FOURTH DOWN RULE - Through 1st - 3rd quarter, you may go for it any time unless you are up by more than one score (8 points) and the ball is at between opponents 30 to 49 with 2 yards or less to go. 4th quarter, watch NFL games on Sundays and you should know what not to do. You may go for it on 4th and goal from 1 yard out or less at anytime unless you are up by one score (8 points) or more.


    ---Hurry Up Offense: If running the hurry up after a play is completed, the offense must allow 10 seconds to run off the play clock once everyone is lined up before hiking the ball. These 10 seconds act as a referee placing the ball back at the right spot. This also allows the no huddle to be unlimited.2 minute drills at the end of each half - no runoff is needed.

    *Reminder No Huddle doesn't mean go as fast as you can, it means avoiding a huddle.*

    ---Ball cant be snapped with the WR between the tackles unless its a default play.

    Chew Clock feature: Players can only chew clock within 2mins of the first half or anytime within the 4th quarter

    ---Ending of game: Once player A is a position where player B can't get the ball back or win the game, they must kneel and end the game.(This prevents players from stat padding and rushing/throwing for extra yards).

    I'm not negotiating suspensions this year. At this point 90% of the league are returning from Madden 15. Everyone should know how it goes by now.


    Teams MUST have 53 players on their roster. If you do not have 53 players on your team you will forfeit that week’s game. Make sure Fill Roster is turned on just in case you’re having trouble adding players.

    Roster Minimums
    QB - 3
    HB - 3
    FB+TE - 4 (You can have either 2 FB + 2 TE or 1 FB + 3 TE)
    WR - 5
    OL - 9 (Can split this up how you want)
    DE - 4
    DT – 3 (If you run a 3-4 you can have 2)
    LB – 6 (Can be a combo of OLB/MLB)
    CB - 4
    S - 3
    K - 1
    P - 1

    Don't put players out of position:

    *WR at TE: Not good.
    *TE at FB: Good.
    *WR’s may not line up in the backfield
    *You may put a TE at WR through formation subs and/or package substitutions
    *You must have a FB or TE at TE3 in the depth chart

    Each team is only allowed to sign ONE 80+ overall player from the free agent pool each year. Any players rated 79 overall and below are fair game


    Every player that is signed/re-signed must be given bonus money equal to at least 30% of the base salary.

    Example: Player A is making a base salary of $1,000,000 per year. He must be given $300,000 in bonus money bringing his total compensation to $1,300,000 per year.

    This is because in Madden the bonus money is the guaranteed money. This ensures teams cannot sign players like Calvin Johnson to a 6 year $100 million contract with a $100k bonus. Allowing them to cut him and his huge contract at any time with very little penalty. You can offer more than 30% if you wish but 30% is the minimum.

    - Each team is allowed 2 trades per season. This includes trades where players are involved or pick for pick trades. Each trade must be posted on the forums as they are completed. The league will not use a trade committee but the commissioner reserves the right to veto any trade. This will be used only if absolutely necessary (example would be a 1st and 2nd round pick for a 3rd string RB)

    - Trades during the draft must be of the pick for pick variety. No players may be traded during the draft.

    -For re-signings and free agency, you are not allowed to exceed 5 years for a contract offer. No 6 or 7 year deals for anyone. If a player is requesting a bigger contract you need to provide a screenshot. We are doing this to ensure that teams don't backload huge contracts for years that we may not even play. You'll have to be smarter with your offers. If you sign someone for longer than 5 years, you will release that player back into the FA pool, take the cap hit, as well as wait for the player to move through the waiver wire. ***You have all season to resign players. DO NOT wait until the end of the season to resign and risk losing a player.





    -Trade Limitations: In order to prevent "sign and trades". Any player signed via free agency, the wavier wire, resigned, drafted or acquired in a trade cannot be traded for the remainder of that season. They can be cut/released but are prohibited from being a part of any trades.


    During the preseason and regular season we will utilize a waiver system to assign remaining free agents to prospective teams. Following an advance, you will then have 24 hours to post your waiver claims via PM. After 24 hours has passed we will then close the claims and post the awarded players in the NT thread. You will have until the next advance to sign your awarded player.

    If you fail to sign your player prior to the advance you lose the right to them.

    Released Players
    Players who are released during the season must enter one madden week waiver period. Once the player clears waiver, he is free to sign.

    Player gets released week 1
    Enters waiver through the end of week 2
    Then eligible to sign week 3 to the team with waiver claim, if no claim was made.

    This is how we're going to do Free Agent Signings .

    You may sign only 3 FAs total each week.

    You can post a claim for up to THREE free agents. Put them in order, 1-3, with 1 being the player you want most.

    If no one else has claimed your #1, you’ll get him.

    If someone else has claimed the same person as your #1, the person with the higher priority (#1 being the highest) gets them and then move to the bottom of the Priority list.

    If this works right, every one should hopefully at least get their #1 or 2

    Owner One (waiver claim #1) Claims:
    QB Peyton Manning
    WR Dez Bryant
    HB Jamaal Charles

    Owner Two (waiver claim #2) Claims:
    QB Peyton Manning
    HB Adrian Peterson
    WR Calvin Johnson

    Owner Three (waiver claim #3) Claims:
    HB Adrian Peterson
    QB Peyton Manning
    HB Jamaal Charles

    In this Scenario,
    Owner 1 and Owner 2 have the same player as their first choice. Owner 1 has the higher priority, so they get Manning. Owner 1's priority then becomes #32 and everyone else moves up 1.
    Owner 3 has Adrian Peterson as their 1st choice, but Owner 2 has them for their 2nd choice. Owner 3 would get Peterson as it was their first choice compared to Owner 2's 2nd choice.
    Owner 2 would get WR Calvin Johnson, their 3rd choice.

    If there are any overlapping claims, the user with the higher waiver priority gets to sign the player (#1 being the highest). That user will then immediately move to the back of the waiver wire going forward.

    1. Kerm - Bucs
    2. Vic - 49ers -
    3. Chris - Saints
    4. B - Steelers -
    5. Retto - Panthers -
    6. Evan - Chargers -
    7. Kenny - Jets -
    8. Dez - Falcons
    9. Jose - Seahawks -
    10 Manny - Dolphins -
    11. Mike - Raiders
    12. Marck - Vikings
    13. Flash - Skins
    14. Cease - Titans
    15. Gix - Texans
    16. Antoine - Bills
    17. Jeremy - Eagles
    18. Slim - Colts -
    19. Frank - Green Bay
    20. Danyo - Cowboys -
    21. Speedy - Browns -
    22. Jesus -Bengals -
    23. Ronnie - Rams
    24. Rich - Ravens
    25. V - Broncos
    26. JQQQQ - Lions
    27. Danny - Giants
    28. Artest - Patriots -
    29. AntBanks81 - Bears
    30. Ty - Jags
    31. Phillip - Chiefs
    32. Mike - Cardinals

    Waiting list -
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  18. artest93


    May 16, 2006
    for what? tell me youre not the token weird dude who wants attention that replaced timidtebow after i left the league :lol:

    i told you i wasnt into the game as much and you were cool with that. was on the chat for a week then i got booted.
  19. dabottom305


    Nov 25, 2009
    @Artest93 that's Victor, the guy who beat Niners to take his team.

    I couldn't remember, it's a few people who are not in the chat but will have a team. Chiefs, and og Vikings coming back too.
  20. artest93


    May 16, 2006
    oh its the same 9ers when i left then.

    well i want in Bottom. invite me to the chat again