Madden Tournament at the YMCA Teen Center

Jun 8, 2005
The YMCA Teen Center will be holding a Madden 2008 Tournament this Sunday during the Chargers game. 3 TVs will be set-up for the tourney and 1 TV for the game. The tournament is only open to 16 people and right now there are only 9 people signed up but of course some people might not show up so sign up anyways and theres a chance you can play. Entry for the tournament will be $3. There will be food and stuff too. There are some changes which need to be made on the flyer. The winner will get a $60 coupon to a game store which they can use to buy whatever they want and the event will start at 1. If you guys have any questions for me, hit me up on AIM: II K1NG KHAN II.

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