Male friends...... I have non

Joined May 13, 2008
Today I was chilling by myself after working and got called by my old friend from HS. Conversation went good (at least thats what I think)

after we hung up the phones I realized that I have NO friends my age. This guy was the only male friend my age that I talk to and can really relate to but  we never talk.... So I came to the conclusion that I have basically 0 guy friends my age.

I mostly talk to girls so I basically talk to no guys at all....

Is this weird? Anyone in a similar position? It kinda sucks but........... oh well
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I got maybe 3-4 male friends that I can truly call a friend, have like 7+ female friends though
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I'm exactly the same way, I chill with a bunch of guys with but I wouldn't really consider them my friends, more like acquaintances cause we don't really talk about stuff.

I got a bunch of friends that are girls, I don't mind it that much though.
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i only have one guy friend really, been my boy since we were like 10, but other then that, all the other dudes i talk to are just acquaintances
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most of my male friends are older than me and the only one around my age is a bum so I don't really associate with him too much.
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I'm in the same position. I have one guy friend who I really hang out with and known since I was younger. Other than that, most of the people I hang out with are girls.
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Grew up with tight crew about 5 deep. After about 10 years i talk to none anymore.

2 are bums with no future/babymommas.

1 is locked for armed robbery

1 is in army

1 is a sucker for love and just chills wit girl.

Im the only one with a plan and future ahead of me, its gets sad really. Trying to chill with coworkers or classmates you

or not even cool wit just to go out and have fun FTL. im 20 btw.
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I only chill with one good friend and my cuz. Thats about it. I don't need hella friends to be coo.

But back in HS and a year after I used to roll hella deep. But those were different times and I was into different things.

But of course I have a lot of acquaintances. 
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Originally Posted by SUCKAFREE85

I only chill with one good friend and my cuz. Thats about it. I don't need hella friends to be coo.

But back in HS and a year after I used to roll hella deep. But those were different times and I was into different things.

But of course I have a lot of acquaintances. 

i dont really mess with dudes no ayo. if anything only ONE of my male cousins we talk daily on text about random things and funny things, and kick it sometimes cuz we live almost an hour away and i got 2 dudes that i can consider friends, but i still watch myself
 i dont really trust many people.  i just rather kick it with girls, back in highschol and middle school we rolled so deep, but we all grown and everybody goes their way. im fine by myself. it just sux i can't have that one friend sometimes to just do w/e
 i used to, but it is what it is   
   and the other two dudes sometimes are more of my connect then actual friends. so in conclusion dont feel out OP. i got 0 male friends too, i wish i had a brother or sister, but nope
, sure does get lonely somtimes


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im apparently a pretty likeable person in real life so i got lots of pals
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i have 5 close friends

my dudes darius, lance, nate, apollo, and ryan.

other than that, i know dudes, and i have a few other cats that i can chill with. but these 5 are the only ones i can say are true friends.

other than that, i just know a rack of females. which is always a good thing.
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Maybe you guys are just anti-social.  It's not that hard to make friends.  Guy friends are good because you can talk to them about stuff that you can't with women.  Plus girls are less willing to hit up bars and get completely trashed.
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I have 6 real friends: (all my age, brother is a year younger tho)
- my brother
- my girlfriend
- 4 guy friends

Everyone else is just people I know, males and females alike.


formerly aceboogie
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Can't say i relate. Plenty of male and female friends.

Been falling back lately though, it's draining trying to keep up with everything that's always going on.
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I had a crew of 4 we was tight since we were like 8yrs 2007 i became sober no drinking nor
since then they never called me again oh well i got alot of female friends though plus im about getting this paper.MONEY IS MY ONLY FRIEND
Joined Sep 28, 2005
i feel that way about my female friends...i only have 1 real female friend...

a few male friends but we dont kick on the reg. but when we do its like we just pick up where we left off...those are my boys and they really look out for me...i do the same for them

i don't know why i dont have many girlfriends cuz i know alot of girls but i wouldn't consider them friends...
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