Male Snow Boarders/Skiers I Have A Question....

Joined Oct 8, 2003
I'm on a budget and am going to the snow next weekend, I don't have any snow gear and everything, although on sale, is still expensive. I went to a Columbia outlet store and saw these pants (the only picture I could find is this small one - Picture) for 35 bucks...Problem is, they're women's snow pants..Since they were so cheap and they look unisex at worst, I tried them on and a woman's XL fits fine. They're not cut like woman's clothing (not that I would know), and they fit just as baggy as men's large pants. Question is, would you guys rock it? The only weird thing about it is the placing of a pocket near the bottom of the pant legs but other than that they seem fine..So would you guys wear them?
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Seriously just go to Kohls and get some water proof pants. I copped my ski pants for like 10 bucks there.
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I wear womens bibs... the only problem is no fly. I'm sure you will have that problem as well
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Just wear em dude everyone else is concerned about having a blast going down a mountain
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Waits for DC to come in here and give some horse +%*! spew about you emasculating yourself because you're considering purchasing womens pants.
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you might wanna check out big 5 or sports authority first. they should have some on sale now.
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Go for it. I hit up a ski shop thats closing for good the other day and 60% snow pants were still 45 bucks.


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Lol really? you gotta ask us? as long as they aint tight !#$ pants, or a skirt and look decent enough for a man to wear. WEAR EM.
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If they are alright with you, get them. No sense in dropping alot of money on something that you aren't sure about or will probably only do couple times a season.
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They don't look too bad, as long as they are not too tight.

Is this your first time?

I recommend these:

Started wearing a pair this season,

I used to have some impact shorts, but they were too damn bulky.  I don't give a %!$%, falling on  your +%! hurts like a mutha.  Especially when you start doing jumps/rails/boxes etc.
Joined Jun 10, 2009
as long as they fit fine it shouldnt be a problem unless they're pink or something.  And even then i could see it being ok with the crazy things i see people wearing on the mountain.
just enjoy the mountain man, I went up in dress pants a couple weeks ago because all my gear was home in portland and the mountain here in tucson got dumped on.
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If it's not obvious that they're women's pants, then I'd say go for it. Nobody up there will be concerned with what you're wearing...
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