Man begs for money on GoFundMe to follow girlfriend on spring break.

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Azel Prather Jr, 25, created a GoFundMe page to raise funds for a flight
Was worried that girlfriend would stray while on holiday with friends
Prather kept his Instagram and Twitter followers updated on his journey
The pair was reunited just days later after his desperate pleas worked

Hope these same donators remember the homeless and those actually in need :smh:


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Lol I know dude **** started out as a joke and it took off

I take my statements back then...

Of it was for lulz, and he got s free trip out of it, then aight then...
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Smart guy. They were probably going and he decided to scheme to go for free.
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Would it be taxable income if he made thousands? Knowing it was just for ***** and giggles?

Superb.... Enlighten us!
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i posted this in the Fools Wildin' thread, and if everything worked out for the better, good for him...always a positive when someone reaches a goal
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My sister did this a week ago with her friend and her gay guy friend.

I didn't believe her
I'm sorry man, but if a girl goes to spring break its to get dug out and have an excuse. "We don't even like to do those things....". Why are you there?!? It's 800 a room just to "hang out"? :lol:

There's literally no other reason to be there
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His girl is :smokin

If he's scared shes going to cheat... he should let her be who she's going to be.
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