Marcus Thornton murders Gerald Wallace

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19 20+ point games and 6 28+ point games as a rookie. 45%, 38%, 82%.

It cracks me up how he is exactly like David West, temperament-wise. They both rarely show emotion, but when they do, it's on some "!+%* you; I'll kill you" !+%*.

In six years, I don't think I've ever seen West laugh or smile on the court.
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saw it last night. OUCH. If Wallace didn't fall, this wouldn't even been talked about
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Originally Posted by miamib30514

Originally Posted by h3at23

Thee WORST trade Riles EVER made
 what did we get for him?

I would be more upset if he didnt play wade's position
I think 2 punk +!! 2nds .

Wad3's pos or not, I hate it.

Don't get me wrong, Riles is a genius and the other moves he's done more than make-up for this one 1000x
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!%!@ wasant even all that

Spoiler [+]
..just teh way he landed made it 10x worse
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