Margin Call ~ Official Trailer - Paging finance-heads!

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Trailer looks interesting, but then again, must trailers do.

Great cast though.. 
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Dope, I'll be seeing it - they gonna have enough material for a sequel with what's about to happen, smh
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Almost forgot about this movie... dunno when we're getting it though... 

Reviews seem to be positive... 
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Just watched it online. Movie was pretty damn boring.

I'm an Economics major, Finance minor who wants to go into banking, if that matters.
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Originally Posted by Mr Kuter

Originally Posted by Mycoldyourdone

you can find the extra long trailer online iykwim
 Came in to same this. A google search will serve you boys well.
Good call there.
  I was surprised it was available already.  
Gotta find some time to watch it now... 
Joined Oct 9, 2006
Finally watched this. I thought it was ok. Definitely much better than Wall Street 2, in terms of a "finance" movie.

Interesting that they tried humanize some of the characters... making them (and their real-life counterparts) less of a villain following the financial crisis. I'm sure some felt "morally" wrong, but ultimately it came down to money...
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In my Top 10 for 2011. Great ensemble piece. I read a review that aptly said that this would actually make a better play. Very Glengarry Glen Ross-like (albeit not in the same league) in terms of the cast and dialogue.
My only flaw with the film is there's not really any balance within the script. It's continually tense, which I loved, but there was never room to breathe.

Still 8.5/10, highly recommended.
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