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Mar 24, 2001
my fellow socal nters I am looking to better my health through the use of medical marijuana. I am wondering what everyone's experience has been as far as benefits, id cards, and finding a clinic with appointments for less than $150. I would appreciate your cooperation and compassion
you wanna appointment, goto a club and pick up the "cannabis times" or whatever corny name they use. its a legit publication with dozens of ads for doctors, call em and ask prices. the price should be no more than 120.

a side note - joining the club is overrated, the bud is too expensive, and it goes on your record. smoking alot of bud in general is overrated. "its like getting dirt in your 3rd eye, dont go through life blinking" -jeru. feel me?
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from my experience is fairly hard to get a card.

now i know all NT hurr gots a hommie who has one and he's telling u how easy it is to get it...not true.

u need a note from your regular doctor of why u need mj ...make sure to tell him that what ever it is u have it's an on going problem and others method didnt help.

from here you would take this note to the mj doctor this is the dood that prescibe u mj. he will decide weather the note is cool or not. he''ll charge u $150-250. no charge for doctor note that he doesnt approve.

real talk i smoke on the reg and coudnt see the benificial to any medical condition that it might remedy...i mean if u get real faded then that would make u forget about the back pain.

...i gots stunna on my 3rd eye

- earth0ne04
If you're real skinny(or if you get real skinny) you could tell your regular doctor that you think you have anorexia, I've known dudes in the past who've used that.
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Tell them u got a panic problem or migraines. My girl went to a doc in woodland hills and had no records for 175 she got her card. Good buds but expensive. Best perk are the clone plants u can get.
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Do you have some kind of condition, or are you just trying to smoke, thinking that it'll help you live better? Good luck pal, the best of luck!!
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are the club prices really that much more expensive?

i've never been, and my friend that does go keeps everything on the DL and wont share ****...

anyhoot, i think having the card just helps for legality issues when you get caught being stupid...

MJ can help relive pain (temporarily) but long term fixes are suspect
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@ dude tryin to type all educated in hopes of sounding genuinely needing medical bud.

Just be straight up, you don't wanna eff with a dealer and wanna get that @#%$ on your own, and need to find a crooked doc who'll give you a card or prescribe you the medical bud, right?
first who cares if he is really sick? second, it isnt that hard, and for 200 bucks you are straight. just about everyone i know has a card and nobody has a condition. Im probably the closest case there is for people i know because i used to take a lot of ritalin due to ADHD.

Anyways, yea like someone else said, grab that paper at one of the clubs and there are tons of doctors willing to write u over a script.

also, the l.a. weekly also has a lot of ads for doctors doing the same thing.
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it's actually super easy to get one. There is a Dr. Edelman in Hollywood that does it.

I just photoshopped my friend's prescription, went into the Farmacy on a Saturday when I knew the doctor wasn't in and it worked. I used it until it expired in December.

If you want me to send you a scan to photoshop, let me know
well, no matter what you will be paying 150-200 for the card, when i remember when my boy had his card in SF they made him register at the dept of health but i hear thats only what law enforcement wants people with the card to do. depending on how much you buy with the card you can expect a 5%-20% increase but its almost worth it and it comes from a reliable source. i wanted to get the card to help with my back pain but i get too paranoid when i smoke so i tossed that option out the window.
you should drive up to frisco and get yur doctors note and card up here. they just turned it into a state card so u can register anywhere. in frisco , you go to general hospital to apply for yours, but u cant go there until u have the note. the not is about 100-150, and i heard they raised the price of the cards to like 150 or something?
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