Maroon VI: found some old pics from the 90's

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Take 1st day of school 1992 (3rd grade)
@ the David Robinson outfit

one year later..apparently being fresh for the 1st day of 4th grade wasn't a priority. Looks like wore these joints playing soccer, basketball and baseball. They were damn near black.
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ahhh the days where you could beat your shoes into the ground and no one would care
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Originally Posted by erdmanboy2220

gave them joints a run for they $$$. Classic man u got anymore pics???
I'll take a look...saw some funny ones wearing Converse "Grandmamas" and Pumps
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Nice before-and-after pics! I'll probably have to do some hunting, but I know I did the same destruction with my Shaq Attaqs and Pennys...
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ah yes the good ol days. back in day as a kid i use to think nike was crazy for releasing such girl colors the maroon and ofcourse the infrared jordan vi which looked like hot pink back then. also thought the grape v were kinda feminem too. but nowadays i think the colors were classic for that time. for some reason i thought jordans in them colors was girly but in trainers and runners they were nice to me. even the reebok pumps back then...

the maroon vi was the absolute worst colorway of the vi though.

kinda weird how the white infrared vi looked more pinkish yet the black/infrared vi looked more red.
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might be dating myself, but, I had those as a junior in high school. we were the swain co. maroon devils, and when i came to school that day w/ them on, them cats were like "dang man, i didnt know they made maroon devils jordans!"(a redneck school, btw!) I had went out shopping for the black/infrareds, and they only had them. not sure if true or not, but was told they were the least made in that colorway. the truely good 'ole days! love to see 'em again.
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^ Pretty sure I was looking for infrareds too. Had to settle for maroons. My boy and some older kids had the infrareds. That was when I first believed in love at first sight (for the sneakers, lol)
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