Married At First Sight: S11 Premieres 7/15 Wed 8pm Lifetime Channel


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Christina needs help. She and Henry hint to some things in their past. I hope they both seek out some one for it.

Henry lowkey funny af doe

They might as well pay Amani to be an "expert" they way she grills folks on questions

Props to Miles speaking out on Black Lives. I'm sure some Karen's...not his Karen, we're agitated by that.

wtf was Amelia and Bennett's pregame workouts

They're trying to conjure up some drama for next week but the episode before D-Day I swear is always one of the worst.
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If dudes like lying Mike, stalking Mia, Luke and that one guy who turned out to be a wife beater can fool experts and screening it must've been a cakewalk for Christina.
You forgot the dude from last season that basically ain’t participate in the show n lived in his own crib the whole time...Yo was weird af :lol: :smh:

Miles would be the type of cat with a “blackboy joy” t shirt :lol: ...This man made it thru all these months n don’t even know what his “wife” titties feel or look like :smh:

Scumbag Brett woulda set it off in this retreat episode, he left too early
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You forgot the dude from last season that basically ain’t participate in the show n lived in his own crib the whole time...Yo was weird af :lol: :smh:
I ain't count Zach cuz that's something nobody would see coming and he's not the first person to do that.

They've been doing that pre-assigned living arrangement for a few seasons now but back when couples to find homes all on their own some guys and even a few women would find a new place and never really move in and keep paying rent/mortgage on the spot they originally had.
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Christina was annoying. Like she was talking and trying to be involved just because. Asking basic *** questions. Talking about everyone’s situation but hers. Shedding them crocodile tears. Amani gave her looks the entire episode :lol: I’m sure Woody told her what Daniel told him.

Bennett was on one this episode. Eating his dinner with a whisk, just blurting out him and Amelia had sex and writing a letter to himself about Pokémon :lol: I low key thought Bennett was gonna surprise us with some hooping skills :lol:

Miles eyes light up whenever he hears these innuendos. Talk about kiss he smiles from ear to ear. Him getting exciting Karen guessed he was born vaginally, he got excited :lol:. He’s sex deprived. He just need to rub one off in the meantime. Oh and that Black Boy Joy shirt gotta go :lol:

Brett a tool. He’s about to, if not already added to, the MAFS Horsemen stable with Michael, Luke, Brandon, Zach and Matt.
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Miles crush being Ari Lennox :lol: I mean she’s cool. One of them types attraction grows on u the more time u spend with them.

My lady immediately said my crush was Keri Hilson. She’s almost perfection:pimp:
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Oh damn so the couples were together for 4 months not just 8 weeks.

That's easy for 2 couples. Another couple already done. I wonder how Miles wears Karen down before decision day.
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