Married At First Sight: S11 Premieres 7/15 Wed 8pm Lifetime Channel

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This dude Bennett gon be spending half the year in New Orleans even when he moves? ...Yea yo really got wide wild **** going on in the N.O. on the low :lol: :nerd:

Even if Miles n Karen stay together you know yo still ain’t smashing...His soft *** gon be on that “maybe yambs on your bday” type of time from shorty :smh:

Budget Brett own friends barely like him, a true scumbag :lol:

That old man Christina hanging with reactions n movements was killin me :lol: ...Shorty a real weirdo, making Henry seem like the “normal” one at this point
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Brett a tool. He’s about to, if not already added to, the MAFS Horsemen stable with Michael, Luke, Brandon, Zach and Matt.
Brett's friend seems like he gets exhausted with this cat too
Budget Brett own friends barely like him, a true scumbag :lol:
Bruh....this ***** Brett’s wife asked him if he wanted to work things out and he said “No thanks.” WHO DOES THAT?!?!

Saying “No Thanks” about moving forward might have surpassed “Sup” after walking into the crib in some crew socks, slides and athletic apparel after a several day disappearance as the GOAT MAFS Scumabg quote. Use that **** in the future with y’all’s girl or man in any context and tell me how that works out for you.

These dudes are DIFFERENT, man :lol: But the women aren’t much better. Christina is out of her mind and Karen is looking for a man to come through with the OG Bond package

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Bennett wild with that jailhouse tattoo:lol:

yea the quarantine definitely saved Miles and Karen. Good for them tho. Hope he tapped that *** by now.
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Judges happy they aren’t going 1/5 this season. The extra quarantine time helped some of these couples.
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