Married At First Sight: S12 Soon Come! Lifetime Channel

Joined Sep 28, 2005
I’m not poppin in till episode 3 if the premier is 3 hours. It’s gonna be so much unnecessary footage. Lol
Joined Jul 29, 2005
Been loosely following Woody and Amani on youtube (not really following, they popped up in my recs and I pressed play :lol: ) and the most recent caption I saw they finally got a dog, didn't watch the video though.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
They back at it again, already!

Right now they're airing a special matchmaking episode (2 hours :rolleyes )

Next week they're doing a special preview of the s12 couples with Kevin Frazier.

That in between break was quick. Before seeing much vid wise got a feel for a 2 for 5 season :lol: We shall see.
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