Married At First Sight: S12 Soon Come! Lifetime Channel

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Got a spicy preview of the season. Not waiting for damn 11pm to post it.

I could've saw it if I was around him but I aint expect all this hostility with preacher boy

This ***** really got her someone pregnant.

Having sex everyday raw 🔥 :lol:

Oh and in some old MAFS former couples news

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ATL boys different. Knew something was off with buddy when he said he wants 7 kids.

Lil stripper thot was kinda straight though. Vince seem cool af, woulda be on the same type of time :lol:
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Them girls freaky as hell man :lol: Paige talking about she want a God fearing man but one sip of Mimosa, she’s ready to drop them draws and have her dude eat it up like She’s holding back there tho :evil: reminds me of this chick I use to talk to a few years ago


The experts are idiots. Clearly they do no background checks. Chris in all honesty shouldn’t be on the show. To be engaged twice and one as recent as three months ago...on top of getting a chick pregnant? Drama and ratings.
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Y’all finally got y’all lil interracial relationship :rolleyes
Lowkey I aint even happy with it.

This guy I aint sure of. He show up the wedding all his groomsmen are white except for his brother :nerd:

Should've paired Clara with some dark meat.

Chris most recent fiancé before he got on the show...fiyahhhhhh :pimp:

Shorty so damn fine.

I can see Paige divorcing him just cuz of that.
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