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In the 2nd Loki trailer, the monitor shows 13 different branches growing off of the main MCU reality.

No question that the Loki series is the most intriguing 2021 MCU property and I doubt it touches on even half of those branches in season 1.
2 episodes in and my statement already been validated. This is peak MCU right here - Loki series literally allows them credible ways of introing mutants, the spiderverse, more cosmic entities, etc
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Her really being a version of Enchantress is better. Didn’t really think about it because the only Enchantress I know is the Asgardian one who simps for Thor and always has a goon with her in the cartoons. In Agents Of Shield, they had a character who was Enchantress’ sister.

Kinda wish we’d get a random Lady Sif cameo. Loki would see her somewhere and make a comment about people wondering where she was.
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What if there are no Time Keepers? :wow:
The director, Kate Herron, said she pulled from the Hudsucker Proxy when plotting out the TVA hierarchy so there’s definitely a chance this is the case.

Could be that Kang put the “Time Keepers” in place to maintain the Sacred Timeline in order for him to flourish. In the comics he has a relationship with Rennslayer so we’ll see if that connection is established in and relevant to Season 1.


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finally caught up with the thread and show. this show is a1 so far. loki having an existential breakdown of what he thought mattered and realizing it didnt is a connection everyone can relate to. to see your story, purpose, who you really are, death, etc. can shake you to the core. tom and owen have great chemistry. cant wait for the next episode.
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I’m I the only one that thinks the delay for the Spider-Man trailer is because is some sort of spoiler for a future episode in this series?
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War Machine is probably my favorite design evolution. His designs have been hard since the OG and it kept getting better with each sequel, AoU aside.

But the Endgame armor is as pretty weak to me. That right there would have been so much better, especially coming from how dope the IW digi-armor was.
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Just noticed while watching Endgame that when Tony was at home running simulations that the last one he tried was with a Mobius strip inverted(39 mins, 40secs) I'm sure it's coincidence the name is the same with Mobius from Loki, but a funny sort of Easter egg. Had no idea that a Mobius strip was an actual thing.
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