Massive Email Sent on Avatar Size Limit


Dec 8, 2000
Hello NikeTalk community:

For those thinking that a fake JRose5 sent an email to you, it was the real me. Yesterday, I sent a group email to all 39,509 members of NikeTalk concerning their avatar size limits. Rest assure that this email, by no means, didn't single any member out. It was only a reminder.

5. Personal Icons can only consist of the following formats: Gif, Bmp, Jpeg, Png. Appropriate personal photos are allowed, however there is a size limit to how large that picture can be. Pictures that are larger than ing for Michigan at forward, a 6-9 freshman from Detroit, MI #4 Chris Webber; at forward, a 6-6 freshman from Austin, TX #21 Ray Jackson; at center, a 6-9 freshman from Chicago, IL #25 Juwan Howard; at guard a 6-5 freshman from Plano, TX #24 Jimmy King; and at guard, a 6-8 freshman from Detroit, MI #5 Jalen Rose. They were known as the "Greatest Class Ever Recruited" or simply known as the Fab Five ~ Mitch Albom [/size][/b][/size][/color][/font]
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