Massive Nosebleeds when in a heated surrounding Unappreciation

Joined Jan 14, 2006
Didnt really have this issue until these couple of years. as we close in on Summer, and the weather being more erratic than it was 10 years ago.

Im getting massive nosebleeds outta nowhere. Usually in areas where oxygen doesnt flow as freely as it does outside.

Could be working or just talking to somebody, then suddenly you have to excuse yourself because you got blood flowing down your nose any sec.

NT, ya feel me on this
Joined Jun 28, 2008
Yea same thing happens to me, but my doctor said it was when my internal body temp hits over a certain degree that triggers it.
Joined Sep 18, 2008
Yeah, every spring when the weather jumps from 50 up to 80 in a matter of days I'll always start to get random nose bleeds. Sucks when you're at work.
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