Master P Sneaker - Please Help!!

Oct 24, 2007
I was wondering if anyone has a picture or information about the master p sneaker that was released probably 8 years ago.
I had these way back in the day, they came out in 4 colors
1 colorway was red/white/black, another blue/white/black

and yes i bought them before banks crapped all over them in the Victory verse :rofl:
HA. you're not serious . . . are you?
looking for (ds-vvvnds only):
dqm 90 (US 10.5) . . . undftd af1 (US 10.5 - both 1st rounds) . . . stash af1 (US 10.5) . . . new balance puple devil (US 10.5 - 575's & 1500's) . . . supreme blazer (US 10.5 - black) . . . vans chukkas (10 or 10.5 - supreme's and dqm 3 feet highs)
Brooklynson, Converse released a basketball shoe with the No-Limit Soldiers name to it when Master P was playing ball. He actually made the Charlotte Hornets team back in the day. In all actuality I copped 5 pairs cheap and used them for outdoor basketball and they were mega comfy!
I'd KILL for a pair of his Cons in purple.


The B.O.P.​
I always want to know how those Helium shoes performed. I had a chance to cop in outlet back in the day, but I passed for no reason.
I am pretty sure that neither of the two MP shoes had Helium. The midsole and outsole for the first MP was the same as the Converse Hall of Fame shoe. I'vegot a beat up pair around here somewhere I'll try to find them and get some pics up.
the first MP shoe had helium...i remember seeing these joints in footaction back in the day...
Nah, the MP's came out around May of 1999 while the first Helium shoes didn't come out until December 1999. I am not even sure if the MP's hadReact in them because by that time they had started using React II.
I know the ones that you are talking about but i do not have the pics.
They came out in 99 i think and they were made by Converse.
Yes, they had helium and it was like a sock inside of the shoe that you could wear and pull out of the shoe.
They also had big circles around the shoe it was part of the design but the ones pictured are definitely NOT the ones that we are talking about.

Can someone post the right pics up please? If someone has info on where i can find some DS pairs in mens size 10.5 please pm me!

No offense to the user that posted the pics up of the wrong shoe, if you know which ones we are talking about please post the pics up. I have not seen thoseshoes in years.
hmm. clicked preview and all of a sudden my post turned blank...anyways, here was what i tried to put.

^ Not those...I'm talkin about the circular ones w/ the vis Helium.
the converse HE:01's? if so here are some googled pics:




Are these what you're looking for then? I got this from an old ad in SLAM magazine (Aug.99 with VC on the cover)
The ones with the Circles are the All Star Smooth, shoe in a shoe with React II and was the shoe that he wore trying out for the NBA before the MP'spictured above were released.
deadprez - yes those are them!!

anyone else have any info on them?

the white/black/red were my favorite, they were leather, the other 3 had a felt material
That's them!

Guess they didn't have Helium...however they hinted at IPS perhaps?

Purple ones are NICE.
I remember when the Heliums came out. Finishline employees were getting commission when they sold a pair. That's the first I had ever heard of that inshoes.
easy maxtempo, i didnt' say i wanted to buy them
i was telling my roomate about them and he looked online for 30 mins. and couldn't find them
he said they didn't exist, i said they did. simple as that playa
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