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  1. desent


    Jan 9, 2009
    **** update page 4*****

    Man my life has been turned upside down... I never really post much about my personal life but i need to vent and i just don't care anymore. My girl has been acting shady, sure go ahead stop reading there, the thing is i overlooked the random days of her acting miserable and just not up for anything. I have been with here for about 8 years and we have a 6 year old son. I guess i looked past all this because i wanted my son to have that family structure i never had...

    So last week she was out til 6am no call or text. Supposed out with her friends... Well yesterday i had her drop the baby off at day care adn then she told me work didn't need her and that she was going to the beach with her female friend. Fast forward to 9 pm i get a text from said friend saying that when my girl isn't around to call her. at that point i knew it was going down. I called her friend and she told me she had my son since 10 and that my fiance would be out of work by 7 but its now 9 and she isn't picking up her phone or answering. It hit me, i almost couldn't finish work, i wanted to cry right there. i finished work got my son and texted the *****
    "it's over, thanks for cheating on me".
    33 mins past and she texts me
    "what do you mean"
    So i call and she doesnt pick up then i text
    me:"Call me without that ***** from work" (of course cheated with a guy from work)
    me:"double check you can move in with him first"
    Her: "whatever Phillip(my name)"
    her:" I'll drop off the car to you"

    At this time i got the baby and moved him to my moms, We'll call the ***** J from this point. J doesn't care to have confrontation.
    All in text cause J wouldn't speak to me on the phone.
    me"can't call me and talk. K get baby first"
    her"if u want i'll get my stuff... its up to you"
    me"get the baby then your things leave me my ring bracelet bag and keys"

    Some conversation like this continues... Its not 10:30 pm and this ***** still thinks my son is at her friends house. 12 hours leaving him there in her mind and not 1 damn given. Finally her friend gets her to come "get my son" by telling her that if she doesn't get him she will drop him off at the police station.

    She got there was talking with her two friends which were upset because she has been lying to them too. and then i walked out and said give me my keys. Little Info, i suspicions so i left the cars under my name the house under my name, and i pay all the important bills.

    I took the keys and then i said give me my purse that i bought u for christmas back (she was wearing it,", told her "you can have that ***** from your work buy you one, when her is giving you a "better" life." She left some **** in the purse, i said take it she said she didn't want it so i dropped it on the floor and said someone may want it then.

    so i'm hurt, and i wanted to let that ***** know... although her friends were there i told her straight up
    me"thanks for ruining the family"
    me"What are we going to do with our son, visitation"
    her" i dont know, i didn't **** him"
    all me: "your lying to your friends, your lying to me, your out till 6 am with this guy after you drop your friend off at 3 am, you've left your son here all day while your out ******g this other guy"
    "Call that guy and see if you can stay with him because your not staying with me"
    "You can get your **** later, don't bring that ***** from work near my house or he can get it. And your brother come at me he can get it too idgaf.
    (both her parents been dead her grandma is about 80ish and starting to decline)U know you if you would have told me earlier maybe a couple years ago you would possibly be able to marry the next person, and maybe your grandma would be alive to watch you walk down the alter, hopefully the next guy doesn't cheat and you may get that chance"
    and by the way i know about you mom (she had issues either schizophrenia or bipolar, i know it skips a generation and i've been keeping an eye on my son) i won't say it here but i know **** you never told me.
    So **** you and **** that ***** chris too,
    this is the side you never saw of me *****,

    and drove off.

    Her friend called and asked if she can take some clothes, and that she was staying there... i guess she blocked me and my friends on facebook or she deleted it. I called her brothers wife and told her word for word what i said and if he has issues he knows where im at.

    So why am i at a low point. We live in south florida but her fam is in tampa. She may move back and i don't want to lose my son. My mom said she will step up to help out but i may just rent this house out live with my mom and get a 9-5 job so i can be with my son. He's my life, and i don't mind her seeing him but she isn't a good parent and he needs me more than ever... school starts monday for me and my head is just not in it...

    Beasts please google and post your own pics, i really don't feel like looking at woman or dealing with trifling females. yea i'm jaded

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  2. theprinceofde


    Jun 10, 2011
    Sorry to hear that fam sounds like you didn't deserve any of this. At the end of the day all you have is your son and its great that you are more worried about him then his mother cheating.

    Everything gets better with time, but if it was me she is gone. I have no problem with any parent spending time with their child but she clearly doesn't put her child first as she should. I would get full custody and take her for child support, show that her actions have caused great damage and she is going to pay for it literally and figuratively.

    Focus on you and raising the great son you have, she isn't even worth it. Hopefully everything works out for you fam.
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  3. jbpkickz


    Apr 12, 2012
    damn son that's terrible, **** like that makes me worried about the future
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  4. kermitthefloer


    Aug 7, 2012
    Damn that is rough to deal with I am not going to lie. I am the same way, like if you feel like the time with me has passed and you done fell for another person let me know. Cause I have no problem with moving on, and when not even her friends know and she is involving the child. Not only does she have no self-respect, she does not respect you or the family for that matter of fact. 

    At this point it is all about the child, and you seem like a great father, and really care for your son. Terrible that the "Justice System" does not favour men. I do hope the best for you, and terrible that this will alter your education/life. But if you can get even a 24-30 hr a week job, rent out your place and go to school. Try and do it, because you will def need that degree.

    Best of luck, and I know its not hard to leave your child's mother after that time, maybe it is for the best.
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  5. solexsup


    Dec 24, 2011

    Ya girls gonna realize later on how she goofd and you can laugh at her. Do whats best for your son :smokin
  6. furiousstylez23


    Dec 4, 2012
    Sorry to hear that man. As a unfaithful guy, you never know how bad it feels until it happens to you... 8 years is alot to throw away. You'll find better. Just remember its not your fault, its that B's loss.
  7. mrsneakerman


    Jan 24, 2007
    Damn bro. Sorry you have to go through all this. Keep on being strong. IMO you handled it the right way, no need to stoop down to her level.
  8. $tacy

    $tacy formerly willchamberlain

    Nov 25, 2012
    Hold ya head op. The worse part is that she put the **** before her son, that **** is disgusting. On a positive note school starts soon, u need to use this as motivation, finish school n give your son a better life than she could. My old dude always told me, never let a ***** break u
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  9. al audi

    al audi

    Jun 19, 2009
    Well that sucks. It totally diff when kids are involved.
  10. jking0821


    Apr 16, 2007
    8 years is a long time.

    I am sure you guys will talk it out and be able to have a rational conversation at some point at what exactly transpired. But judging by her not crying to get back with your or even apologizing for anything she may already be emotionally detached. Things are way more complicated with a kid involved too. Good luck op, wish you all the best keep us updated on what is going on
  11. gregzzy23


    Dec 26, 2005
    Sorry about this my dude :frown: I dont know how breakups and custody work, especially when theres no marriage, but I'd imagine your first priority would be your son. Gather evidence, text messages, any proof that she wasnt a good mother. Leaving her son at a friends house for hours for example. Get custody of your son. Make sure you dont end up having to pay the ***. Everything else will fall in place. You didnt have her name on any of the important things so youre already ahead of the curb. Good luck to you and your son homie
  12. elpablo21


    Feb 11, 2008
    Foul [​IMG]

    Hope the best works out for you and your son moving forward
  13. rook


    Nov 28, 2009
    This is why I'm shook to commit to a chick these days. Smh
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  14. beh235


    Jul 30, 2005
    First of all, I'm sorry to hear about this OP. That sucks. I have to run out, and I only read the top half of your post (it's kind of confusing but I'm making it out), but I'll come back and finish it and post.

    Edit: Ok, I'm back and read the post. Damn man, I'm sorry that after 8 years that stuff went down. That's most definitely foul. I know it sucks, but all you can do now is focus on being the best father you can be. Don't even worry about having that "perfect" family. Being there for your son consistently will be the only thing to matter. As far as she is concerned, looks like you have to just take her to court for visitation rights. You may have an argument saying how she carelessly left your son to go out and do her thing. I don't want to say too much because we still don't know the entire story from beginning to end. We are just looking through your eyes as you posted this. I'm sure there was a point in your relationship where you had some doubt and either ignored it or thought it would work itself out without expressing how you felt. Things like this don't just up and poof man. With all that being said, don't be jaded. Keep an open heart and don't block future blessings in that area.
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  15. emkicks


    Aug 4, 2008
    Its always some dude from work :smh:

    Stay up my dude. Ish is rough and hurts like hell, but eventually it will pass. Just look out for your son's best interest and continue to be the stand up father that you seem to be.
  16. omgitswes


    Apr 1, 2009
    I thought the same. But I understand what's going on.

    She doesn't seem remorseful at all either. :smh: Stay up bro
  17. balloonoboy


    Nov 14, 2009
    It's not your fault. 8 years is a long time. Some people just get tired and want something new, some of them they don't have the decency to communicate this to their significant others. I'm sorry this had to happen to you.

    Don't let this beat you up. Whether females or male, there are just some selfish people out there who would put an affair before their own child. It's sickening. And maybe she does have some mental issues. Whatever it is, she's made it clear, at least for the time being, that your son isn't her number one priority. But she is still his mother. The next few months is going to be a fight but you must find some amicable way to put this behind you and put your son first. That isn't to say you shouldn't go to court and get full custody. You absolutely have to try. It just means that you have to rein your emotions in and not put yourself in a predicament where you lose your son as well. This includes, but certainly isn't limited to physical altercations.

    It will be tough to move on. You just lost someone who has been with you for 8 years, presumably a third of your life. That bond is hard to break. But you must. It will take time. You will want to call her and see how she's doing; stop by her work; her place - you mustn't. Stay focused on getting that degree and working to make your son's life the best it can be. That foundation will make a family structure that won't topple or crumble.

    You got this, bro. You got this.
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  18. RIP sleazyy

    RIP sleazyy

    Jul 19, 2012
    that's horrible :smh: damn son.

    keep lil man taken care of and all will be well. people piss me off :smh: :smh:
  19. iblink


    Apr 24, 2008
    I'm sorry to hear it man. That is crazy that she'd step out on you when you all have a kid together. It's one thing for someone to cheat, but you two have an obligation to your son that she practically said to hell with.

    There are no words to make what she did go away. All you can do at this point is take it in stride. Don't beat yourself up because she chose to mess around. That was her decision. She could have spoken up if she wasn't happy. But karma is real, believe that. She will get hers eventually.

    Keep your wits about you. Don't go back to her if she tries to come crawling back. Focus on your education and your son. Be the best parent you can since you're already having to make up for a crappy one.
  20. airthompson

    airthompson Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 31, 2008
    Be proud of yourself OP

    You handled the situation very well, because it could've easily gotten ugly. She basically played you for a fool. I knw your hurt/angry, but keep on for your son. Its gonna be tough, but in time, maybe sooner then later your gonna have to learn to not necessarily forgive, but live with the fact she did what she did. Because she is the mother of your child, For the time being, just keep distance. Try your best not get confrontational, and best wishes to you nd your son.