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Joined Jul 4, 2009
These Mania cards will deliver on the matches for sure. The build has just been meh. I'm starting to wonder did the Edge and Roman storyline become such a creative dead end that Daniel was just a last second throw in and Vince just went with it? Was Edge even the right guy to win the Rumble?

Sasha/Bianca should FEEL like more of a big deal. But for some reason it hasn't I don't think they've gone full heel with Sasha because she's becoming a star outside and want her doing media all over. Bianca along with Rhea are the next two STARS coming from the women division and this feels like just another match.

I'm expecting Seth/Cesaro and KO/Sami to open both nights and be the match of the nights.

The hell is a Nigerian Drum match btw? :rofl:
Joined Oct 13, 2001
Yea, anyone that is saying, "This will be the worst Mania ever" just needs to listen to youngogjosh youngogjosh 's advice of "Wait and See."
Let stuff play out, but I know yall hate doing that around here with yall's knee/jerk/prisoner of the moment mentalities.


formerly toine2983
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My washed self was dozing off and on during Night 2 of Stand and Deliver.

I enjoyed the ladder match. Santos Escobar has IT and carries himself like he has IT.

Finn Balor adjace had a nice showing as well.

Shotzi wildin' again, but that was tame compared to the nonsense she usually does.

Balor v. Cross was solid. Wonder what is next for both.

Have to watch KOR/Bay Bay again because I was half sleep for most of their 40+ minute match.

I do memba both of their new themes though and they're not it.

Should've given Bay Bay the THOTT treatment and let him keep the UE theme.

Him doing BOOM! to his new CAW theme 48 doesn't hit the same.
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